PortBUG: Greenway & Semaphore Road Updates.

  1. Outer Harbor Greenway Works: Since the opening of the Outer Harbour Greenway a couple of years ago, there has been repeated comment regarding the rather ‘abrupt’ gutter that cyclists have had to negotiate as they enter the pathway around McInerney Park (at the intersection of Day Terrace and Sackville Street) at Croydon. 

We’re very pleased to hear that the City of Charles Sturt has been listening & is dealing with the problem. In an informal communication we are told that work is underway & “the transition between path and road surface will be much smoother.” You can see the area of the Greenway affected in the Council plan below.

The gutter & area to be addressed are marked in green.

PortBUG congratulates the City of Charles Sturt on their ongoing efforts & commitment to improve & refine the Greenway. Feel free to submit your photos of the work as it progresses (and when completed) via facebook to either PortBUG or WestsideBUG. We look forward to the completion of this latest refinement of the fabulous OHG!

2. Semaphore Road Bike Path Petition: Readers will recall a petition from the Semaphore Mainstreet Association for the permanent closure & removal of the road’s renowned off-road bike paths. Council officers have now reported on the petition with a recommendation that:

‘a formal review of the bike path be undertaken by an independent consultant to consider improvements… [which aim to maintain] the bike path but providing further opportunities for outdoor dining and improving the conspicuity of the bike path (such treatment could include further ‘buffers’ between the bike path and footpath)….  However, it should be recognised that the retention of the bike path is recommended in any circumstance.’

This recommendation will be considered by Council at their meeting tomorrow & we presume that any review might then be undertaken over the next few weeks. You can read this recommendation to Council here (starting at page 180) as well as PortBUG’s submission.

From the PA/E Sept. Council Agenda.

3. Reminder – A Brave New World Presentation: ‘Car-Free Living’.

Jeremy Miller, noted campaigner on environmental & transport issues will provide this engaging presentation at the Parks Library, 46 Trafford St, Angle Park on Wednesday 29 September, 7-8pm. 

Join Jeremy Miller as he discusses how cities of the future can benefit from being built for fewer cars, and more bikes. Learn how using electric bikes and cargo bikes can be just as helpful to the individual as the community and the environment.

Light refreshments provided.

Register via Eventbrite

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2 Responses to PortBUG: Greenway & Semaphore Road Updates.

  1. neilfitzg says:

    That’s good work PortBug & Sam.

    Neil Fitzgerald

    Sent from my iPhone



    • samsavvas says:

      If it’s the work being undertaken at McInerney Park, that’s mainly down to WestsideBUG and it’s members. The Greenway is a route in which both BUGs have had a long, shared interest. ;=)


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