PortBUG: A New Era for Bicycles in PA/E?

PortBUG is pleased to confirm that the recent meeting (9th Nov) of PA/E Council has endorsed both the new Integrated Transport Strategy & the new Walking & Cycling Plan.

Both remain in draft form and will now be released for public consultation!

These documents propose placing Active Transport – including walking & cycling – front & centre in the PA/E Councils transport (and more general) planning activities over the next decade or so. Results will be seen in their implementation of course – but it’s a great start!

It’s also encouraging to see that Council also endorsed further investigation (including community consultations) for proposed 40km/hr speed zones in Port Adelaide & on Semaphore Road (Military Rd to Swan Trc).

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1 Response to PortBUG: A New Era for Bicycles in PA/E?

  1. WATAG says:

    Good to keep the emphasis on active transport. Strongly advocating for 30km/hr – the limit being adopted worldwide now would be a good thing to do. In Australia we are lagging behind, and pushing to adopt 40km/h as others did 20years ago.


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