PortBUG: July Updates from Council.

PA/E Officers recently provided the BUG with the following updates:

Jenkins Street ‘By-Pass’:            The temporary ‘bypass’ pathway for temporarily-closed Jenkins Streey along Nelson Street (& joining up with the Semaphore Road Bikeway) has been completed. PA/E staff acknowledge the less-than-ideal turning angles required when negotiating the ramp on the northern side of the Jenkins St crossing – they will continue to explore options for improving this situation (we presume this will depend on progress with ‘ground stabilization works’ inside the fenced area).

Jenkins/Nelson Street Share Use ‘ByPass’.

New PA/E ‘Walking and Cycling Plan’:           Staff will be presenting a report to Council in August seeking endorsement prior to the coming Council elections. A number of amendments have been made following feedback provided by PortBUG & the community earlier in the year. The plan is currently with the consultant for final changes.

Integrated Transport Strategy:           This new overarching (& ‘bike friendly’) strategy was endorsed at the March Council meeting. Staff are working through the action list with key projects for 2022 including a Freight Movement & Access Study, kerb-ramp audits for DDA compliance as well as accessible parking compliance.

Port CBD Access Concept Plan: The PortBUG has consulted extensively with Council, promoting a wide range of much-need access & safety improvements within the Port CBD & Waterfront precinct (including the transit of the Outer Harbor Greenway through the CBD & Waterfront areas). Implementation planning is to commence shortly. 

Other Projects Proposed for 2020-23:

  • Connectivity and wayfinding improvements for Council’s secondary bike network
  • City-wide bicycle parking improvements
  • A possible trial of glow-in-the-dark line marking in certain situations (eg; highlighting curves and bends in poorly lit locations).

We are also told that Council’s vacant Traffic Engineering position has now been filled, with Council’s Transport Team now at full strength for the first time in over 12 months . This will assist with clearing a backlog of tasks and planning for future projects.

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  1. Leena Sudano says:

    Champion work, many thanks


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