Current Projects.

Current Projects…   In 2016 some of the projects we’re focussing on include:

  • working with the PA/E Council to finalise installation of bike facilities on the northern sections of the Outer Harbour Greenway
  • development of high-quality route-finding maps for local bikeways
  • consulting with State Government to assist construction of the South Road Greenway Overpass & Greenway route through Bowden
  • working with Council to improve connectivity on local bike routes & between the O/H Greenway & established bikeways
  • working towards completion of the Coastal Way at Semaphore & Tennyson
  • working with PA/E Council towards implementing the Port Adelaide Enfield Local Area Bike Plan (you can read a brief summary of our ‘Year-One Recommendations’ here)
  • continuous improvement of local bicycle provision (bike parking, connectivity etc).


PortBUG’s Plans for 2016:  In March 2016 the PortBUG provided a presentation to the Port Adelaide Environment Forum in which we outlined some of our plans and aspirations for 2016-17. You can see the pdf of this presentation here.

On a related point, the BUG has also recommended some priorities which we have put to the Port Adelaide/Enfield Council for their first year implementing the Port’s new ‘5 Year Plan’ Bike Strategy. We understand that there are now some significant funds allocated to bike infrastructure in the Council’s forthcoming budget for 2016-17!


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