Main Road Campaign.

In December 2013 PortBUG wrote a letter to Minister Koutsantonis -then SA Minister for Transport – with a list of concerns and recommendations regarding provision for safer bicycle use on local main roads across the Port Adelaide area.

This list was by no means comprehensive. It highlighted the situation on some important main-road bicycle routes and also recommended some key actions for the Minister and DPTI. It sought to establish an agenda or set of priorities for actions we expect would most improve conditions for bicycle use on these main roads.

letter from DPTI March 2014_Page_2letter from DPTI March 2014_Page_1In March, 2014 the BUG received a response to this letter – see pages 1 & 2 to the right.





Why are main roads important for bicycle use? Despite the construction of numerous bike paths across Adelaide, the city’s main roads remain important cycling routes. In many cases main roads represent the most direct routes between major residential, retail, work, recreation, education and service centres across the city. Once they were popular routes for bicycle use until increasing ‘competition’ for road space from motor vehicle as well as increasing traffic speeds became major disincentives for many wanting to use their bikes.

'Sharing the Road'? Causeway Road, 2013.

‘Sharing the Road’? Causeway Road, 2013.

Unnecessary Hazards: Main roads remain important cycling routes but many – especially those in and around Port Adelaide – also see use by heavy freight and commercial vehicles. The lack of provision for bicycle use on many of these roads makes a mockery of the Government’s tenet, ‘Share the Road’! Cyclists continue to face unnecessary levels of hazard, a situation which would not be tolerated by vehicle users!

These hazards include:

  • poor separation (if any) from motorised traffic
  • poor visibility and sight-lines for vehicle operators, especially those perched high up in truck cabins
  • limited use of ‘standard’ bicycle safety provisions such as decent road lighting, on-road bike lanes, off-road (or fully separated) bike paths, kerb-side and median  crossing refuges, appropriate ‘mixed traffic’ speed limits and forward-placement ‘bicycle boxes’ at lights and intersections.

Our Campaign: The PortBUG has identified a range of these safety issues on several of the DPTI Main Roads in the Port Adelaide/Enfield area (roads controlled by the Dep’t for Planning, Transport & Infrastructure). The DPTI roads in question include:

You can click on the links above to read our assessments of what needs to be done to make these roads acceptable for community bicycle use. The PortBUG will be pursing the issues raised as vigorously as we are able with both State and Local Government. If you have further ‘main road’ concerns you’d like the BUG to follow up please e-mail us.

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