Nelson Street, Port Adelaide.

Nelson Street, Port Adelaide plays a vital role in the Outer Harbour Greenway and local bicycle and active-mobility networks. It is also a key road link, connecting The Port’s main streets with Semaphore Road, the Port Expressway and Nelson-Refuge-waiting 2Victoria Road on the other side of the river. It has recently received very positive treatment from Renewal SA and DPTI. Of note has been the construction of the Birkenhead Bridge Bikeway and a newly rebuilt road crossing , taking the Inner Harbour’s Hike & Bike Loop across what is frequently a busy vehicle route.

Chair 2Overall the PortBUG believes the integration of Nelson Street into both the Hike & Bike Loop and the Outer Harbour Greenway has been an extremely positive step forward for bicycle use (and active mobility generally) for the North-Western suburbs. Perhaps its most important benefit is provision of a link for bicycle users and those using mobility devices into the Port’s shopping and service centres and to bicycle routes into the City and elsewhere.

The Nelson Street Road Crossing:  The initial shared-use road crossing near the British Hotel (on the Western side) and the Port Market shed on the other left the original median refuge in place – a most unsafe and unsatisfactory situation.

Nelson-Refuge-E platform ANNOTATED

Just no good!

In the BUG’s view this narrow median refuge was quite inadequate with limited standing room, no protective rails and no obvious signs alerting drivers to the crossing’s presence. There was barely room for a small family to stand in the refuge and  certainly none to safely accommodate  prams, bikes or electric mobility vehicles. Following submissions from the PortBUG in September 2014 DPTI undertook a redesign of the central median refuge.

The median refuge is now significantly deeper.

The median refuge is now significantly deeper.

The central space was widened to better match the overall width of the crossing ramps on each side and the depth has also been significantly increased. The space will now easily accommodate a ‘full ramp’ of pedestrians waiting to cross as well as a standard bicycle or mobility device.

The PortBUG still has some misgivings about its capacity to safety protect children riding in bike trailers or on the back of ‘long bikes’, but certainly the situation is now much improved overall.



The mid-road refuge is now almost the same width as the access ramps on each side!

The mid-road refuge is now almost the same width as the access ramps on each side!



Green: Existing Semaphore Road & Greenway routes. Pink: The Mersey Road Bikeway. Red: The PortBUG’s proposed new connections & linking off-road pathways.


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