Torrens-to-Torrens Project & the O.H Greenway.

“The Outer Harbour Greenway is a dedicated walking and cycling route that generally follows local streets fronting the Outer Harbor railway line. As part of the Torrens Road to River Torrens Project, the Greenway will be carried across South Road over the new rail overpass.” Project Assessment Report – Supplement (July 2015).

The Torrens-to-Torrens (T2T) Project is just one part of the 24km redevelopment of Adelaide’s main north-south road corridor. T2T will include South Road’s intersection with the Outer Harbour rail corridor and Greenway, as well as several main roads, including Grange, Port and Torrens Roads. The PortBUG has been monitoring and providing input to the redevelopment of South Road since the project’s inception.

Most recently, we have provided various recommendations for the design of the Greenway’s bicycle overpass over South Road – with some very positive outcomes! The latest Project bulletin (22/12/15) has noted that while initially proposing a ‘dog-leg’ ramp at the South Road/McInnes Street intersection a “number of public responses suggested that the greenway continue towards the city for commuter cyclists, in a more direct way within the rail corridor between South Road and Coglin Street. This has been investigated and has now been incorporated into the concept design, in addition to the ramp that connects back at the South Road/McInnes Street intersection.”  

Overpass large scale E

Overpass at South Rd: ‘Dog-leg’ & extended ramps.

PortBUG believes that this overpass will remove one of the last major ‘main road’ obstacles to safe and convenient cycling on the Greenway.

When the project was first announced the BUG was concerned at the lack of provision for Greenway use during the construction of the bikeway overpass. We initially sought a temporary light-controlled ‘at grade’ crossing across South Road at the end of Day Terrace and were promised the same by Transport Minister Tom Koutsantonis. Subsequently, the T2T Project designers concluded that a ground-level crossing would be impractical and advised that they would pursue a bypass instead on nearby Port Road. The PortBUG has argued completion of this bypass asap – preferably prior to work commencing on the T2T Project itself – to ensure minimal disruption to Greenway users. After some dialogue with the Project Team and with Minister Stephen Mullighan’s office we were very pleased to also read in this recent bulletin that:  “the Outer Harbor Greenway will be detoured during construction of the overpass via Port Road once a Pedestrian Actuated Crossing (PAC) is installed on Port Road near Queen Street, Croydon in March/April 2016…”

Port Rd Bypass

In the ‘Project Assessment Report – Supplement’ (July 2015) the works required to provide this Port Rd bypass were detailed: “Works to facilitate the temporary detour will include installing signage, linemarking and a bicycle facility on Port Road at Queen Street.”with the routes described as:

  • “Westbound cyclists will exit the Greenway at Gibson Street, Bowden, and use First Street and Station Place to access the existing pedestrian actuated crossing at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre tram stop on Port Road. This allows cyclists to safely cross Port Road and continue in a westbound direction on Port Road using the existing cycling facilities. Cyclists are then able to re-enter the Greenway via Queen Street, Croydon by crossing Port Road using the new bicycle facility.”
  • “Eastbound (city bound) cyclists will be detoured onto Port Road from Queen Street, where existing cycling facilities can be used to cross South Road. Cyclists can then continue east on Port Road, turn left onto Coglin Street and continue onto the Greenway, which currently follows First Street. Cyclists can also utilise the existing facilities at Hawker Street to cross South Road.”

The bulletin also states that the T2T Alliance “investigated an alternative detour of the Outer Harbor Greenway using local roads to cross South Road at Hawker Street, Ridleyton. Following discussions… it was decided that both detours should be available… as some cyclists will not want to detour as far as Hawker Street.” See below.

Hawker-Hurtle St Crossing

Alternative bicycle ‘bypass’ at Hawker/Hurtle Streets.

We are told that the Outer Harbor Greenway will be closed at the Day Trc/South Road junction from early January until the end of March 2016. Signage alerting cyclists to the closure and alternative detours will be installed at the following locations:

  • Wood Avenue, Hindmarsh
  • Chief Street, Hindmarsh (near Port Road)
  • Chief Street, Brompton (near Second Street)
  • Day Terrace, Croydon (western side of Elizabeth Street)
  • First Street, Hindmarsh (near Gibson Street)

For more information readers can visit  or contact the Community Relations Team on: 1300 794 899 or email

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