Visiting by Bike.

Port Adelaide and it’s seaside environs are a great place to visit by bike – whether you are a tourist interested in history, architecture or the Port’s maritime legacy, want to ride along the Port River, visit our great beaches, or maybe just want to enjoy a good ride stop for a coffee & bite to eat (there are plenty of good coffee shops and restaurants in the Port itself, around the Harbour and down on Semaphore Road. You can read more about visiting The Port by bike at the Port Council’s own ‘Cycle Paths’ page.

‘The Port’ was the site of one of Adelaide’s earliest European settlements and still boasts industrial buildings and dwellings that go back to the 1830s. It remains Adelaide’s oldest ‘working’ community, infused with a strong, vibrant and ever-vigilant sense of fairness and justice.  And of course it remains deeply written with the history, heritage and spirit of its indigenous first people whose many descendants remain important members of The Port community.

Exeter Hotel, 152 Semaphore Road

Bikes were essential transport for the Port’s workers. (click to see the bikes…)

The Port has always been strongly identified with bicycle use. From the 1880s, bikes were an important form of transport for workers on the docks and along the Port River and became an important aspect of the Port’s culture and community.

The Dutch have called the bike ‘the equity vehicle’ and the ‘bike history’ of the Port demonstrates this – equity and a fair-go for all is what the Port has always been about and that’s what the PortBUG is also about – a ‘fair go for bikes’!

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