The Outer Harbour Greenway Route.

Outer_Harbor_Greenway_labeled_60pctOHG Wayfaring Guide:The PortBUG has prepared a printable ‘Wayfinding Guide’ to the Southern section of the OH Greenway (Adelaide Parklands to Port Adelaide Waterfront) – see here.

OHG Maps: There are links to detailed Greenway maps provided as PDFs at Map page link under the above heading.

Ride report & 60 sec video from the Uncool Cycling Club: The marvellous ‘Uncool Cyclers’ have provided an excellent illustrated ride report on the Outer Harbour Greenway which you can read here.

Click here or the time-tunnel below for an excellent 60 second video (courtesy of the UCC) which gives a very good idea of the Greenway as it is at the moment. Worth checking out!


Travel the time-tunnel & zoom into Adelaide’s Cycling Future with the Uncool Cycling Club.

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