Port Adelaide/Enfield Bike Network.


Proposed PA/Enfield Bike Network (more detailed map below)

In December 2014, the Port Adelaide/Enfield Council endorsed their new Local Area Bicycle Plan, 2015-2020

PA/E Bike Plan – Challenges & Solutions: The Port Adelaide/Enfield Council Area extends West-to-East across a broad section of North-Western Metro Adelaide. The Council has adopted a Bike Network development plan, 2015-20 (see above and in higher definition here) to address some of the challenges facing bike use & Active Transport:

  • increasing commercial & heavy vehicle traffic
  • limited provisions for cycling & walking
  • close proximity of industrial areas
  • barriers presented by major roads and rail lines.

Many of the residents of Port Adelaide/Enfield experience significant material & social disadvantage. Access to safe, healthy & affordable transport is a major equity & social issue, particularly for children, youth & the aged.


The Coast Park Shared Use Pathway.

A Positive Cycling Future:  Despite these challenges the PA/E Council Area is already a great place to ride for recreation, health, day-to-day transport or as a tourist or visitor. Several long-distance dedicated bicycle routes – largely separated from either roads or commercial traffic – allow bicycle users to travel safely, efficiently & enjoyably. The PA/E Bike Plan 2015-20 will provide more of these dedicated routes over the coming years!


LtoR: Parking space – ‘buffer’ lane – bike lane – vehicle lane.

Most main roads in the PA/E Council Area now have on-road painted bike lanes. These roads are maintained by DPTI & are designed to ‘allocate’ a specific road space for bicycle use. Some lanes are ‘timed’ (usually operating 7-9am and 4-6pm) & some are ‘full time’, policed by both SAPOL & Council staff.


Causeway Road: Wide enough for B-Doubles but no room for Bike Lanes!

However the Council and the State Government recognise that bike lanes don’t suit every traffic situation (see Causeway Rd above). The Bike Plan aims to provide PA/E residents and visitors with dedicated bike routes & off-road bike paths:

  • ‘shared-use pathways’ (SUPs)
  • ‘bikeways’ (reserved ‘bike space’ on footpath pavements) &…
  • traffic ‘quietened’ local roads (often marked with ‘sharrows’ to indicate shared zones.

bug mary-louExamples of these dedicated routes include the Coast Park, off-road bikeways along Semaphore Road, the ‘bicycle boulevards’ on the Outer Harbour Greenway and soon-to-be-completed shared use pathways on Causeway Road. Off-road paths are particularly important for PA/E residents as most of our main roads require sharing road space with heavy vehicles! Some of the Ports dedicated bike paths are detailed on sub-pages under this heading.

Hi-Resolution Maps:  Picture’s are worth a thousand words! We have obtained hi-resolution pdf copies of the Bike Plan’s main maps, ‘expandable’ down to street level – see below. You can open online or click the ‘download’ button to copy to your computer as a pdf. Use ‘Command’+/- to enlarge or reduce. ‘Grab and move’ works to scan across the map as do the arrow buttons. On a tablet or phone fingers work fine too!

Proposed City-Wide PA/E Bike NetworkPAE-City-Wide-Bike-Network



Port Adelaide CBD NetworkPAE-CBD-Network



Gillman East-West ConnectorGillman-East-West-Connector



East-West Connector (Gillman/Ottoway Greenway)East-West-Connector-Ottoway



Gawler Greenway (PA/E sections)Gawler-Greenway



Key Initiatives in the Proposed Network:  There are some very significant additions & changes proposed in the new Network. Some are ‘large scale’ projects & immediately obvious, others less so but still significant. More detail here.

More Information?  The Port Adelaide/Enfield Council has designated Engineer Zak Valiff as as the primary contact person for Bike Plan-related queries. Zak advises that he is best contacted via the PA/E Council’s Customer Service email address. Please address cycling-related emails ‘Attention: Zak Valiff’.


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