SBF Campaign 2018-19.

Update: See below for a form letter you can use if you’d like to email Min. Stephan Knoll to protest this cut to the State Bicycle Fund.

The PortBUG read with alarm a sentence on page 120 of the State Government ‘Budget Measures’ Papers which indicated a reduction in the State Bicycle Fund – the already very modest pool of funds that DPTI draws on each year to support Councils in building new bicycle facilities and maintaining existing ones.

The sentence in question outlines funding reductions through:
‘rationalisation of lower priority services, including a reduction in… grants provided to local councils for cycling paths’.

We understand that over the past few years the SBF has hovered around $2M, to be shared amongst all of South Australia’s councils. Not much really, especially when we consider the amount of work and investment required to transform Adelaide into a ‘Bike Friendly City’!

We are now told that the SBF may have been reduced as low as $300,000 (or even less) for the coming year. This is a cut of around 85%! That is, the funds available next financial year will be only 12-15% of what’s been available to Councils over past years!

If true this seems to be tokenism at its worst! Over 2016-17 the Port Adelaide Council alone relied on a grant of $164,000 to continue the implementation of its Bike Plan! How far is $300,000 (or less) going to go when shared out to Council projects across the State?

Stephan Knoll

Transport Minister Stephan Knoll.

The PortBUG has written to Transport Minister Stefan Knoll seeking clarification of this budget outcome and of funds available to Councils over the next few years. We will keep you informed as to his response.

Update: If you would like to email Minister Knoll to appeal this decision we provide a form letter below – just copy the text into an email, put the Minister’s address in the address line, personalise and add any further information as required and send!


Click for letter Min Knoll re SBF Oct 2018