Developing the PA/E Bike Network.


Port Adelaide/Enfield Council Area (in grey) & Planned Bicycle Network.

PA/E Bicycle Strategy: The Port Adelaide/Enfield Council Area extends West-to-East across a broad section of North-Western Metro Adelaide. It is a very large local area that presents significant challenges to sustainable & healthier transport. The Port Adelaide/Enfield Council has adopted a Bike Network development plan, 2015-20 (see above and in higher definition here.) This Network addresses major challenges facing bicycle users & Active Transport:

  • conflict with increasing commercial vehicle traffic
  • historically limited provisions for cycling & walking
  • close proximity of industrial & residential areas
  • barriers due to many major roads and rail lines.

Key Challenges: It is important to acknowledge that the population of Port Adelaide/Enfield has historically been less affluent with significant areas of under-employment & material & social disadvantage, including generally poorer health outcomes across key respiratory, cardiac and other measures.


PA/E Transport Vulnerability.

Many of Port Adelaide/Enfield’s residents are well-served by private and public transport. However transport needs associated with recent & planned residential development are now competing directly with the needs of industry. Transport costs are continually rising and significant residential areas on Le Fevre Penninsula or located in past industrial precincts are now seen as highly vulnerable.


The Coast Park Shared Use Pathway.

A Positive Cycling Future:  The Port Adelaide/Enfield Council Area is a great place to ride your bike – whether for recreation, health, day-to-day transport or as a tourist or visitor. There are several long-distance routes that are largely separated from vehicle traffic & allow bicycle users to travel significant distances across the Council area efficiently, securely & enjoyably. The Bike Plan 2015-20 tells us that these routes will grow over the coming years!


Most main roads in the PA/E Council Area now have on-road painted bike lanes. These roads are maintained by DPTI & are designed to ‘allocate’ a specific road space for bicycle use. Some lanes are ‘timed’ (usually operating 7-9am and 4-6pm) & some are ‘full time’, policed by both SAPOL & Council staff.


No bike-lane or other facilities on the Causeway Road bike route (also a major ‘B-Double’ route)!

However the Council and the State Government recognise that bike lanes don’t suit every traffic situation (see above). The Bike Plan aims to provide PA/E residents and visitors with dedicated bike routes & off-road bike paths:

  • ‘shared-use pathways’ (SUPs)
  • ‘bikeways’ (reserved ‘bike space’ on footpath pavements) &…
  • traffic ‘quietened’ local roads (often marked with ‘sharrows’ to indicate shared zones.

bug mary-louExamples of these dedicated routes include the Coast Park, off-road bikeways along Semaphore Road and the ‘bicycle boulevards’ on the Outer Harbour Greenway. Off-Road Bikeways are particularly important for PA/E residents as most of our main roads require that bikes share road space with heavy vehicles! Some of the Ports dedicated bike facilities are detailed on other pages under this heading.

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