Welcome to the PortBUG: Cycling for Everyone…

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Welcome!  …to the Port Adelaide Bicycle User Group, also known as ‘PortBUG’, members of our community working to improve things for practical ‘Every-Day’ or ‘Utility’ Bicycle Use & healthy Active Mobility across the Port Adelaide/Enfield Council Area:

Our goals:  to ensure…

  • a better deal for Bikes, Bicycle Users & Active Mobility use across the PA/E Council Area
  • Active Transport considered in all Council planning & investment
  • more Greenways, bike paths, bike lanes & bike connectivity
  • lower traffic speeds, safer roads & a bike-friendly community
  • a Better Bicycle Future!
“We're going to talk, then talk and someone is going to have to listen.” Cliff Crawford. http://cliffface.co.uk

“We’re going to talk, then talk and someone is going to have to listen.” Cliff Crawford. http://cliffface.co.uk

Our approach: We are a voluntary community group:

  • identifying potential bike routes & active transport destinations
  • building support for bicycle use within our community
  • promoting new initiatives & opportunities for improvement
  • providing a voice for ‘practical’ bicycle use.

Focus: Our current focus (2016-17) is on ensuring implementation of the Port’s Local Area Bicycle Plan 2015-2020 and inclusion of cycling facilities in major Government-driven transport & planning projects (such as the Northern Connector, Torrens to Torrens & Torrens Junction, Hart Street Redevelopment projects).

Follow & Support the BUG…  Supporting us is easy – you can do so just by staying in touch via our more or less monthly blog posts sign-up by clicking on the Follow button on this page (type in your email address & click!) 

If you’d like to get a bit more involved you can start by joining our Facebook Group, the Port Adelaide Bicycle Forum. This is a place to exchange experiences of cycling across the Port Adelaide/Enfield Council Area (as well as walking, skating, skateboarding, using mobility devices etc) and to share with your ideas, pictures and suggestions for making things Better-by-Bike!

PortBUG & guests.

You can also email the PortBUG with your thoughts & suggestions or use the Contact Form below. BUG Meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month in the upstairs dining room of the Argo Cafe in Commercial Rd, Port Adelaide (dates & times are listed on this page). Anyone interested in every-day bicycle use in the PA/E Council area is welcome to attend.

Cycling Problems:  Yes – you can report problems on your local road or bike path or notify SAPOL of dangerous driver behaviour. It’s easy! 

Latest News & Bike Plan Updates – Check the Blog Page!

Suggestions or Questions:  Got a question or suggestion about bicycle use or something you’ve read here? Please use the Contact Form below or email our Secretary.


7 Responses to Welcome to the PortBUG: Cycling for Everyone…

  1. Helen Buchanan says:

    I’m trying to locate a map of the proposed city to Outer Harbour “greenway” bike route? Is it available yet?


    • samsavvas says:

      BUG members have indeed seen a detailed ‘draft’ map although it was not approved for release at the time. However you can get a good idea what the route will be by checking out the map here.

      The BUG plans to seek an update shortly as we have been told it will be ‘finished’ (in a functional sense at least) by the end of 2013.
      Sam P, Secretary.


    • samsavvas says:

      Hi Helen, just wanted to let you know that PortBUG has developed a simple, printable ‘way finding guide’ for the southern section of the Outer Harbor Greenway (Adelaide CBD to Port Adelaide). You can find the link at our Greenway Page. It’s just hand-drawn, A4. double-sided but it’s in colour and should help first-time Greenway users until we can come up with something better! Feedback is most welcome! Sam P, PortBUG.


  2. Sam Powrie says:

    As a further comment on Helen’s question, the Outer Harbour Greenway route is based on:
    – connecting up the 3 rather grand ‘railway terraces’ – Buller, Belmore and Days Terraces by creating light-controlled bike crossings where they encounter main road crossings
    – creating an efficient linkage through to the City Parkland bike paths at the Eastern end at Bowden (this will be associated with major works on the Outer Harbour rail line at Park Terrace, the Bowden redevelopment and at South Road)
    – creating a similar set of linkages between the end of Belmore Trc at Alberton through to the Harbourside Bike Look via Rosewater, the Rosewater rail yard pathways and Lipson St.
    The BUG will seek and update and map from DTPI asap.
    Sam Powrie, Secretary.


  3. Vivonne Thwaites says:

    what is name of new bike shop…selling lovely old fashioned style bikes…Port Adelaide?


  4. samsavvas says:

    Hi Vivonne, the only new bike shop I know of in the Port is Honeybee Cyclery on St Vincent St, opposite the town hall. Check it out in the most recent blog post – go to the blog page in the header.
    Thanks for stopping by!

    Sam, Editor.


  5. Hi BUG folks,
    Best example of an highly informed/carefully thought out local community initiative which will benefit locals, visitors and others even beyond our locale. Exemplifies the desirable “Think Global/Act Local” mantra.
    We’re looking forward to the Community Coalition collaboration which will unite the our many local community Agents for Change. Everyone else has failed – it will be up to locals to create the URGENT change needed to save the Earth for any sort of future for our kids!
    ‘Salute’ to all.


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