Welcome to the PortBUG: Cycling & Active Mobility for All…

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Welcome to the Port Adelaide Bicycle User Group – local residents & volunteers working to improve things for ‘utility’ bicycle use & active mobility across the PA/E Council Area.

Our goals: A Better Bicycle Future by ensuring…

  • investment in Active Mobility across PA/E Council  
  • provision of Greenways, off-road bike paths & Active Travel connections
  • lower traffic speeds, safer roads & a bike & walking-friendly community!
“We're going to talk, then talk and someone is going to have to listen.” Cliff Crawford. http://cliffface.co.uk

“We’re going to talk, then talk and someone is going to have to listen.” Cliff Crawford. http://cliffface.co.uk

Our approach: Cooperative community action & work with Council & Government:

  • to identify potential Active Transport routes & destinations
  • to build strong support for bicycle use & all forms of Active Transport 
  • to promote initiatives & opportunities for improved infrastructure
  • to speak up for practical bicycle use, walking & Active Transport generally.

Our Current Focus: Over 2019 we’ll be focussing on:

  • the completion & launch of the Outer Harbor Greenway
  • implementation of the final stages of our Local Area Bicycle Plan 2015-2020
  • development of a new Pt Adelaide/Enfield Integrated Transport Plan
  • participating in development of new bikeways associated with the Northern Connector freeway, the Dock One housing development and the Port Expressway
  • continuing works in the Rosewater Local Area Traffic Management Plan.

Follow & Support the BUG…  We welcome your support! Supporting us is easy…

  • Just Stay in Touch… via email news updates from our BUG Blog go to the Follow button on this page, type in your email address & click! 
  • facebookcycle-E-2Join Us at our facebook Forum… join our Facebook Group, the Port Adelaide Bicycle Forum. A great place to exchange cycling (and Active Transport) experiences, get tips, ask questions, discuss problems (and solutions) & generally share your enjoyment of cycling & making things Better-by-Bike!
  • Email… you can email the PortBUG or use the Contact Form below.
  • BUG Meetings… are open to all those interested. Held on the first Thursday of the month in the upstairs dining room of the Argo Cafe in Commercial Rd, Port Adelaide (dates & times are listed on this page). Occasionally we cancel if everyone is away – but not often! STOP PRESS (Sept 2019): NEW MEETING VENUE TO BE DECIDED SOON (WATCH THE BLOG)!

Got a Problem?  You can report problems on your local road or bike path or notify SAPOL of dangerous driver behaviour. Click here to see how!


PortBUG – Guaranteed to get you going!

Feeling out of touch with progress? There’s only one remedy! Sign-up for the BUG Blog &/or our Facebook Group for all the good news – Guaranteed to Get You Going!”               

Suggestions or Questions:  Got a question or suggestion about bicycle use or something you’ve read here? Please use the Contact Form below or email our Secretary.

**Active Travel logo courtesy of Sean Howes, ActiveTravelNow, https://twitter.com/activetravelnow


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