The Gawler Greenway.

Gawler Greenway – Parklands to PREXY/NC/Mawson Lakes.

The Gawler Greenway is a bikeway running from Adelaide’s CBD Parklands to the ‘interchange’ of three major cycle paths at the eastern end of the Port River Expressway where it connects to the Port River Bikeway, the Northern Connector Bikeway (Tapa Martinthi Yala) and Salisbury’s bike path network (connecting into Mawson Lakes).

Currently (Oct. 2020) the Gawler stops at this point – eventually it will extend all the way to Gawler, following the alignment of the Gawler rail line.

From DPTI’s Gawler Greenway page:   “The Gawler Greenway is a long-term vision for a cycling route and improved access to public transport extending from the City to Gawler. The alignment typically follows the Gawler railway line… When completed, the Greenway will link to several key cycling routes include the Dry Creek Trail, Little Para River Trail, Jack Bobridge Track, Stuart O Grady Bikeway and a new path to be constructed alongside the Northern Connector [Ed; completed!]”

DIT have an outline of the Gawler Greenway here. Please note that DIT’s map is outdated – it shows the Greenway turning down Pym Street (an earlier planned route) – it actually now extends along the Davenport Trc Bikeway all the way to Regency Rd (yes – we have asked them to fix this!) The BUG’s map (see right) is more-or-less correct.

Access from the Gawler Greenway to Mawson Lakes is ‘twisty’ but fairly straightforward via Salisbury’s Dry Creek Trail (see below).

The PA/E Council & the South Road Upgrade Project (R2P) have confirmed that an off-road ‘linking’ pathway – the ‘Regency Connector’ (see below) – will connect the Gawler Greenway route to the East-West Connector via a new South Road crossing to be built as part of the Regency-to-Pym St Project. This will assist safe cycling from Adelaide’s North-West to the Adelaide CBD and to destinations along the way (through Ottoway, The Parks etc).


The new Regency Connector bike path to be built 2019-20.

Gawler Greenway Route under & then along Regency Road to Naweena Drv.

Extensive works are also being undertaken (Oct 2020) by DIT at the junctions of Torrens/Churchill Roads to greatly improve access to the Gawler Greenway (along Davenport Trc).

The Gawler Greenway and all of the bikeways which it will eventually link to have come about through community action & advocacy – by local communities actively participating in the development & implementation of Council Bike Plans, by proposing major new Bike Routes to state government and by ensuring the support of Councils and peak cycling organisations such as BISA.