Port Adelaide/Enfield Bike Routes.

This page provides a brief description and summary of what each of the Port Adelaide/Enfield Council Area’s main cycling routes have to offer.

The Port Adelaide Greenway: Ride safely between the Port Waterfront (and the Harbour Loop Pathway) and the Adelaide CBD. Distance is 13kms, mostly on off-road pathways or quiet local roads and railway boulevards. All main road crossings are either light-controlled or are provided with underpasses or bike bridges! Connects to local cycling networks along the way. The PortBUG’s printable A4 map can be found here. DPTI Greenway page and directions here.

The Outer Harbour Greenway: Port Waterfront to the Outer Harbour Recreation Park Lookouts, 7km, mostly quiet local roads. Route is signposted (blue and white ‘Greenway’ signs) with the road surfaces marked with Sharrows.

Note: Those using this route can return to Semaphore and/or Port Adelaide via the Coast Park Bikeway. Catching the train home is also an option as the route travels close to the Outer Harbour Rail Line.

The East-West Connector (under construction…)

The Barker Inlet Bikeway (under construction…)

Coast Park

The Mersey Road Bikeway

The Harbour Loop Path West

The Harbour Loop Path East (under construction…)

The Hart Street Bikeway (under construction…)

The Semaphore Road Bikeway

Esplanade & Victoria Road

The Levels Bikeway (under construction…)

The Gawler Greenway (under construction…)

Military Road (under construction…)

Rosewater Local Area Bicycle Network (under construction…)

Causeway Road Bikeway (under construction…)