Bicycle Planning.

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State & Local level Bike Planning is an important process & an essential aspect of Active Transport development. The major focus for the PortBUGs bike planning efforts are currently the:

  • development of the forthcoming S.A. State Bicycle Plan &…
  • implementation of the Port Adelaide/Enfield Bike Plan.

mullighanIn December, 2015 South Australia’s then Minister for Transport, Stephen Mullighan told us that the State Bicycle Plan is under review (the previous State Bike Strategy, ‘Safety in Numbers’, expired in 2010!) PortBUG has provided a number of submissions to the new Plan and we have a page here that charts its progress. Since the last election & change of Government (and as of October 2019) there appears to have been no further action on a review of the State Bike Plan. Effectively – after 9 years – there still isn’t one!

The current Port Adelaide/Enfield Bike Network Plan: 2015-2020will in the coming year reach its end-date and need to be reviewed & renewed. PortBUG has been monitoring its implementation over the past 5 years and – with our community – we will be developing a set of objectives for the new draft Plan shortly!

Current Focus: Our current focus has been on improving conditions for practical bicycle use & ensuring implementation of the Bicycle Plan from one annual budget to the next:

  • facilitating implementation of the Port’s ‘Local Bicycle Plan 2015-2020’
  • surveying & promoting a proposed ‘East-West Greenway’ via Rosewater, Ottoway and Dry Creek
  • promoting improved off-road bicycle provisions on Causeway & Semaphore Roads & convenient & secure bicycle access into the Port’s CBD
  • monitoring & promoting ‘Active Transport’ facilities (footpaths & bikeways) associated with new residential development planned for the Inner Harbour
  • supporting the Council’s completion of the Northern & Waterfront sections of the Outer Harbour Greenway.

We’ll update our ‘Projects’ page as frequently as we can and post news of our activities at the BUGBlog as well!

Best Practice Bike Planning

SA State Cycling Strategy

Port Adelaide/Enfield Bicycle Network Plan 2015/20

Key Initiatives: PA/E Bicycle Network Plan, 2015/20

PortBUG Submissions – PA/E Bicycle Strategy 2015-20


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