2021-25: The PA/E ‘Walking & Cycling Plan’

The PA/E Council has announced that its Bike Plan: 2015-20 will be replaced by a more broadly focussed Walking & Cycling Plan, itself operating within an Integrated Transport Plan. The BUG understands that (as of October 2020) the W&CP remains under development although we have been told to expect its release for public consultation shortly.

There are two major issues that the BUG considers relevant to development and implementation of this new Walking & Cycling Plan:

  1. Need for a More ‘Granular’ Approach:  While there remains need for development of more ‘trunk’and ‘local connector’ or neighbourhood routes within the PA/E Council Area, the BUG believes that the Network has reached a stage where a systematic and finer-grained approach to planning and infrastructure development is also required, especially with regard to planning around local destinations such as schools, shopping centres, rail stations and local neighbourhood access.
  2. Ongoing & Locally Focussed Consultation Processes:  In turn this more ‘granular’ approach and the inclusive focus on walking (and associated activities) as well as bicycle use implies need for more locally-focussed, ongoing & inclusive community consultation processes such as those the Council has recently conducted re new crossings on Semaphore Road and the upgrading of the McLaren Street Streetscape in The Port.

The PortBUG has submitted a position paper and recommendations outlining these issues and related planning considerations – you can check it out here. We’ll post all new information regarding the new Walking & Cycling Plan here as it’s received as well as updates via our blog page and the Port Adelaide Bicycle Forum at facebook.