Yes – You Can Report Dangerous Drivers!

page-e-21. Use the SAPOL Traffic Watch system!   If you feel other road users are driving dangerously & putting you or others at risk the BUG recommends making a report to SAPOL Traffic Watch as soon as you can after the incident! Traffic Watch is confidential and effective!

2. About Traffic Watch:

3. Reporting: You need to…

  • make a note the location of the dangerous driving, the time and date
  • write down the vehicle details, including registration number and description of the vehicle (make, type, colour etc) and driver (male, female, young, old etc)
  • record exactly what was the behaviour that you thought dangerous or reckless and…
  • be prepared to provide your details and contact phone numbers.

4. Contacting Traffic Watch:   Report incidents to police immediately by calling: 131 444 or visiting your local police station (say ‘I want to make a Traffic Watch report’).  Generally calling is much easier! You can ask that SAPOL to let you know the outcome of the report as well.

5. How it Works:  SAPOL use a 4-level approach when responding to Traffic Watch reports (see the Bicycle Institute link for more about their response system). SAPOL tell us that Traffic Watch reports are always followed up!



3 Responses to Yes – You Can Report Dangerous Drivers!

  1. Leena says:

    Thank you for Be Safe Be Seen MAC Bike SA presentation today, great presentation: clear, engaging & great tips to be a safer road user, by bike & by car. Thanks Sam & Gerri for great work.


  2. Amanda says:

    The Bicycle Institute link doesn’t work


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