Port Adelaide/Enfield Cycleways.



Port Adelaide/Enfield’s Proposed Bicycle Network.

The Port’s Bike Routes: All of Port Adelaide/Enfield’s roads are legitimate bike routes. Bikes belong on roads, are safe and are a valuable part of our transport system & one of the great advantages of a bike is that it can go just about anywhere at minimal cost!

However this does not mean that all of our roads are good cycling choices – PortBUG recommends that you choose your cycling routes with care!

sports-e‘Sports’ & Fitness Cycling:  When we use our bikes for more strenuous exercise we usually want to go a bit faster, often closer to or at traffic speeds. This is why most ‘fitness’ riders choose to ride on our major roads – the ones that usually have painted bike lanes and provide for cycling for longer distances at higher speeds.

However main roads:

  • can also require higher levels of skill and physical capability
  • do not always provide direct access to shops, services, rail stations and other important trip destinations
  • can feel (and sometimes be) unsafe for many bicycle users, including children & less able folk.

Bike-Headphones_590_628_80_all_10-1Utility, Recreational & Family Cycling:  When we use our bikes for everyday practical or ‘utility’ purposes – to get to shops, schools, work, to visit family etc – we generally want the most useful, secure and direct route possible. And when we’re just relaxing, sight-seeing or riding with children we’ll also often want a quiet and more scenic or interesting place to ride. PortBUG believes we need a Bike Network that caters for all these more practical needs, for all bike users irrespective of age or ability, & that gets us all from A-to-B in an easy and secure manner.

Active_Travel_SchoolThe Port’s Bike Network:  The PA/E Council is building a comprehensive ‘8-80’ Bike Network that aims to meet a wide range of cycling needs, capabilities, interests and destinations. To see a large-scale ‘zoomable’ map of the Port’s Bike Network click here. You can also check out specific routes at our Bike Routes page.

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