Safer Cycling

Bicycle Safety?  The measure of a Safe Transport System is the security of its most vulnerable users – pedestrians & bike riders (skaters & horse riders too)! Bikes are the most flexible of all vehicles & in most situations are also very safe! However bicycle users do have vulnerabilities which can put them at risk in some situations. Safe bicycle riding most definitely requires some skills!

New or Returning to Bicycle Use? Make sure you know all new road rulesread DPTI’s Safety Tips & check out this DPTI cycling guide.

Defensive Riding:  Defensive Riding – just like ‘defensive driving’ – is the first ‘line of defence’ against both physical hazards and the dangerous driving of others. It is an active approach by bicycle users!   more…

Watch for & Report Problems:  Watch out for poor design or maintenance on roads & bikeways & take action when needed  more…

page-e-2Reporting Dangerous Driving:  You can report dangerous driver behaviour via SAPOL’s Traffic Watch SchemeIt’s just a phone call away and it works! more…



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