Where to Ride…



Port Adelaide/Enfield’s Proposed Bicycle Network.

The Port’s Bike Routes: Yes – all of Port Adelaide/Enfield’s roads are legitimate bike routes. Bikes belong on roads and are a valuable part of our transport system. And one of the great advantages of a bike is that it can go just about anywhere at minimal cost! However this does not mean that all of our roads are good cycling choices – you still need to choose your cycling route with care!

sports-e‘Sports’ Cycling:  When we use our bikes for more strenuous exercise we usually want to go a bit faster, often closer to or at traffic speeds. This is why most ‘fitness’ riders will choose to ride on our major roads – usually with bike lanes provided on routes that allowing longer distances at higher speeds.

However main roads:

  • can also require higher levels of skill and physical capability
  • do not always provide direct access to shops, services, rail stations and other important trip destinations
  • can feel (and be) unsafe for many bicycle users, including children & less able folk.

Bike-Headphones_590_628_80_all_10-1Utility Cycling:  When we use our bikes for everyday practical or ‘utility’ purposes – to get to shops, schools, work, to visit family etc – we generally want the most useful, secure and direct route possible. And when we’re just relaxing or sight-seeing we’ll also often want a quiet and more scenic or interesting place to ride. PortBUG believes we need a ‘bike network’ that caters for all these practical needs, for all bike users & that gets us all from A-to-B in an easy and secure manner.

Active_Travel_SchoolThe Port’s Bike Network:  A ‘bike network’ needs to meet the needs of all users, including children, older folk and the less able. It should provide routes that suit our specific purpose, our inclination and get us to our destination efficiently and securely. The PA/E Council is building a comprehensive Bike Network that aims to meet a wide range of cycling needs, capabilities, interests and destinations. To see a large-scale ‘zoomable’ map of the Port’s Bike Network click here. You can also check out specific routes at our ‘bike routes’ page.

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