Bike Routes & Maps

PAE-City-Wide-Bike-NetworkThe Port’s Bike Routes: When we use our bikes for practical purposes we generally find a secure and direct route most useful.

When we use our bikes for exercise we usually want to go a bit faster and often travel closer to (or at) traffic speeds.

When we’re just relaxing or sight-seeing we’ll often want a quiet and more scenic or interesting place to ride. The youngest, oldest and less able in our community will also have their particular preferences too!

So it’s good to figure out which route suits our purpose, inclination and destination best – which is what our ‘bike routes’ page is all about.

There Port Adelaide/Enfield Council is building a comprehensive Nike Network that aims to meet a wide range of cycling needs, capabilities, interests and destinations. To see a large-scale map of the Port’s Bike Network click here.

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