Reporting Problems on Roads & Bikeways…

Zak Valiff: PA/E Bike Officer.

Problems on the Port’s Local Roads & Bikeways?  To report a Local Bike Network issue or problem on a local road or pathway contact the Port Adelaide Council:  The Port Adelaide/Enfield Council has designated Engineer Zak Valiff as go-to contact person for bicycle-related concerns or queries so please address emails to ‘Attention: Zak Valiff’.

If you have a smartphone you can also use an app on your phone to notify the local Council on the spot:

  • SnapSendSolve.snapsendsolve  SnapSendSolve allows you to take a picture, write a note & send a notification to the relevant authority. Port Adelaide/Enfield Council is registered to receive notifications via this app!
  • MLS EMyLocalServices  MyLocalServices is sponsored by the LGA & delivers Council information on waste collection, events & parks. It also allows you to report local maintenance issues & receive news from your local Council.

Reporting Main Road Issues:  To report a Main Road problem contact DPTI here.

Which road is a ‘Main Road’? You can check here