Reporting Problems…

1.   On Local Roads & Bikeways?  

To report a Local Bike Network issue or problem on a local road or pathway contact the Port Adelaide Council.  If you have a smartphone you can also use a handy phone app to notify any local Council of problems on the spot!

  • SnapSendSolve.snapsendsolve  SnapSendSolve allows you to take a picture, write a note & automatically send a notification to the relevant authority. Port Adelaide/Enfield Council is registered to receive notifications via this app!
  • MLS EMyLocalServices  MyLocalServices is sponsored by the LGA & delivers Council information on waste collection, events & parks. It also allows you to report local maintenance issues (similar to SSS above) as well as receive news from your local Council.

Potholes & Road Maintenance:  Road and pathway surfaces wear out and get damages by trucks, tree roots etc. We can very easily help with regular maintenance by reporting directly to our Local Council – it works!

broken-beer-bottle-0424209-lgBroken glass is a problem in bike lanes. It leads to many flat tyres, especially for roadies running narrow rubber at high pressures. If there are broken bottles in the bike lane you’ll be doing all cyclists a big favour if you just ask your council to come and sweep it regularly!

Caltrop-close-up2Caltrop (also sometimes called ‘3 cornered-jack’, ‘goat’s head’ etc) is a major cause of flat tyres in Adelaide – it’s Bicycle Enemy #1 & a notifiable weed! If you see Caltrop growing by your local bike track or in your street please report it immediately to Council. If it’s an isolated or immature plant and if you are properly prepared, there’s no reason why you can’t deal with it yourself – but you’ll need spade, broom, bag & bin! Watch this short video first so you know how to remove the plant and all of its seeds properly! If it’s an infestation please get on to Council asap!

2.   Reporting Main Road Issues:   

To report a problem on ‘main’ or Arterial Roads problem contact DPTI hereWhich road is a ‘Main Road’? You can check here… 

OR… If you are not certain, just report the problem to Council – they will pass the message on to DPTI!