Links, Videos & Resources.


Why the Bike? What’s the big deal? Aren’t bikes – well, sort of passé? Old school? Only for kids, hippys, odd-balls? Old fashioned! Low-tech! Past-their-useby-date! Impractical! Why do we need the bike? What’s the value of the bike in my life? How could I be happier, healthier, fitter, feeling better (and better-off) by using a bike? How can I fit the bike into my life…

Listen up – some answers below…

1.  Bicycle Conversations, Advocacy and Network Development in Adelaide:

2.  Bicycle Safety & Bikes & the Law…

3.  Lessons from the Adelaide Longbike.  Adelaide has made a significant contribution to Cargo Bike design and thinking – here’s the proof! 

4.  Bicycle Standards & Design Resources:

5.  Inspiration from Elsewhere:

What Makes the Netherlands Special!

Bicycle Use in the UK, USA & New Zealand:

6.  Active Transport/Sustainable Transport – What’s It About?

7.  Some Personal Bike Blogs:

8.  Pictures Speak Louder Than Words – pictures & videos…  

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