Links, Videos & Resources.

Why the Bike? What’s the big deal? Aren’t bikes – well, sort of passé? Old school? Only for kids, hippys, odd-balls? Old fashioned! Low-tech! Past-their-useby-date! Impractical! Why do we need the bike? What’s the value of the bike in my life? How could I be happier, healthier, fitter, feeling better (and better-off) by using a bike? How can I fit the bike into my life…

Herewith some answers…

  1. Close to Home:

Bike Adelaide A blog about making Adelaide, South Australia, safer and better for pedestrians and cyclists

DPTI’s Cycling Website  News, laws, bike routes, new investment…

Greenways & bike boulevards  Greenways Project website – how Greenways work, progress to date…

Find Your Way: Adelaide Cycle Maps  BikeDirect & CycleInstead route finding…

S.A. Bike Laws & Bike Lanes  Using Adelaide’s bike lanes, understanding the bike laws…

Adelaide Cyclists  The Ride Adelaide forum – wisdom from other bicycle users…

Bike Adelaide  A blog about making Adelaide safer and better for people who ride bikes. Edward’s site is local, extremely well informed & thought provoking at a strategic level.

  1. What Makes the Netherlands Special!

 A View From the Cyclepath  Cycling safety, cycling convenience – what it takes!

Bicycle Dutch  All about cycling in the Netherlands

  1. Bike Australia/Australasia:

 Steven Fleming on Cycle Space.  Cycle-Space: New Castle-based Architecture and Urban Design in the Age of the Bicycle

Helmet Laws  Freedom Cyclist vs Helmet Laws

 Cycling in Christchurch  Cycling in Christchurch: Regular People Riding Bikes. 

Australian Bicycle Council  Coordinating the National Cycling Strategy.

AustRoads  The Cycling Resource Centre: an information hub for Australian transport & recreation cycling.

  1. Inspiration From Elsewhere:  The Irish Cycling Advocacy Network.

Northern Ireland Greenways  Cycling revolution in Ireland

Hans on the Bike  Bike revelations from Ottawa

Bike Portland  Cycling action from USA ‘bike central’…

  1. Active Mobility/Sustainable Transport – What’s It About?

The New Mobility  Active Transport – Active Mobility…

World Streets

World Streets: The Politics of Transport in Cities – Thinking out loud about sustainable transport, sustainable cities and sustainable lives – and the importance of immediate action

Victoria Transport Institute  Inspirational thinking from Todd Litman

International Transport Forum  Cycling, Health and Safety – ITF-OECD Joint Transport Research Centre

European Cyclists Federation  The voice for bicycle use across Europe…

  1. Good Bike Blogs:

Rachel Aldred  Radical truths from the UK…

The Ranty Highwayman  A UK engineer’s adventures in ‘Active Travel’, highways and transport…

Cycling Embassy of Great Britain  Making riding a bike as easy as riding a bike. The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain has a great (usually) weekly roundup of blogs on various topical subjects. It is most worthwhile.

At War With The Motorist  Dispatches from the UK front…

 The Alternative Department for Transport…  I am not a cyclist, I am a free man! I am not a cyclist, but I do sometimes ride a bike.

Pictures Speak Louder than…  

Cyclodeo  Recording World’s Bike Paths Together

Bicycle Dutch Youtube Channel  Amazing bicycle videos…

Copenhagencyclechic  Urban Cycling for the 99%

Cycling Copenhagen  Cycling Copenhagen – Through North American Eyes

Bicycle Video.

Lessons from the Adelaide Longbike.

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