SA State Cycling Strategy

Update (March 2017):  The PortBUG understands that the new State Cycling Strategy is still ‘with the Minister’. We note that a State Election is due early next year. Perhaps we will see the Strategy released then…

Update – April 2015: The PortBUG understands that Minister Steven Mullighan expects the new State Bicycle Strategy to be released for public consultation before the middle of the year. The PortBUG wrote to Minister for Transport Stephen Mullighan in November 2014 to identify key issues we wanted to see acknowledged and dealt with in the forthcoming Strategy. This letter can be read here.

In its March 2015 Agenda and Minutes the Local Government Association’s Metro Local Government Group outlined a Metropolitan Cycling Strategy project developed to identify opportunities to link bicycle routes and infrastructure across Council boundaries and for ongoing investment in cycling infrastructure in a more timely and strategic manner.

The agenda and project outline can be found here. See page 27 and pages 34-38 for sections which contain the most information.

The LGA’s Metropolitan Cycling Strategy is based on prioritization by Council’s of 40 routes drawn from the 2013 Integrated Transport & Land Use Plan which can be seen here. The Cycling and Walking section is here.

The PortBUG has written to the LGA, congratulating them on this initiative and offering some further issues we feel the project needs to consider.

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