PortBUG News #2, May 2017.

Use of power-assist via IC engines now illegal in S.A!

1. Power assisted bicycles: New regulations (from December 2016) now makes use of internal combustion engines fitted to bicycles illegal on South Australian roads or road-related areas (such as bikepaths and bikeways and shared-use pathways).

The Greenway at St Clair.

2. Outer Harbour Greenway Review:  Our February News announced projects that will finally see the OHG open all the way between The Port and the Adelaide CBD. The challenge will then be  to ensure the route is gradually improved for all users and for local communities along the way. This will need many inputs and perspectives over time. Charles Sturt Council has started this process by commissioning a review to which the PortBUG will make submissions. You’ll be able to read what we have to say here. Please add any comments you may have – we’ll ensure they are included.

3. Hart Street Redevelopment: Residents may have recently noted the recent presence of orange-clad surveyors working along Hart Street, Semaphore. DPTI staff inform us that public consultation for the long-awaited redevelopment of Active Transport (bike and pedestrian) facilities on Hart Street will begin very soon. These facilities will include:

  • reducing 4 traffic lanes to 2 (between the Jervois Bridge and Military Road), thus freeing road space for other users
  • extending the bicycle lanes from the Jervois Bridge all the way to the Esplanade and linking to the Coastal Park Bikeway
  • improving safety for pedestrians, particularly for students at Le Fevre HS and young people using nearby netball and hockey facilities.

4. Rosewater LATM: For residents of Rosewater without access to a car, travel into The Port or to other centres has been unnecessarily difficult. Residents of nearby Ottoway face similar difficulties. The PortBUG has drafted a submission to the Council regarding a new Local Area Traffic Management Plan (LATM) for Rosewater. We feel confident that there will be major improvements for pedestrians, bicycle users and all others using active transport (including those using mobility devices). Because implementation of the LATM will extend over some years we’ve created a web page which we’ll update regularly.

5. Port CBD Update: For sometime the BUG has been developing recommendations to improve Active Mobility Access – for pedestrians, bicycle & mobility device users etc – to the Port CBD’s shopping & services precincts. We have been particularly concerned with safe & convenient access from the Harbour Loop and Greenway paths and from Bower Road. In fact CBD access was included in the PA/E Bike Plan (see right). Prompted by the major redevelopments planned for the Port’s historic & shopping centre areas, the BUG has surveyed new potential linkages for bikes, pedestrians & mobility device users & will develop a set of recommendations for Council. We’ll post updates here.


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PortBUG Alert, March 29th, 2017.

New Signs on the Coast Park Bikeway at Semaphore Park (pics by Dave Case)

1. Innovation on the Coastal Way: The PortBUG’s eagle-eyed camera patrol recently encountered these new signs on the Coast Park Bikeway at Semaphore Park (Charles Sturt Council area).

Cyclist – ring your bell!

Pathway Users – keep left!

The BUG has previously suggested to the Port Council that similar behavioural guidance be provided on the Coast Park Bikeway between Semaphore and Outer Harbour. Perhaps this initiative by Charles Sturt Council is an example worth emulating!

South Road Bikeway Overpass (marked #2 above).

2. Torrens-to-Torrens Project Update: In a brief update email today the T2T Project has announced that (amongst other things): “The Outer Harbour rail overpass will be fully completed in mid 2017, including the shared use pathway that will be attached to the northern side of the rail overpass, connecting pedestrians and cyclists with the Outer Harbor Greenway.”  Pathway highlighted in brown above, link to the full update here. 

Edit: We have received a comment from Brian suggesting that the ‘official’ cycling detour around the Torrens Junction Project may be a bit unclear. The nominated cycling detour route can be seen here. The nominated pedestrian detour can be found here. It’s also worth reading the latest Project Newsletter here. We’d welcome further feedback from those using these detours over the coming months. Ed. 

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PortBUG Blog Post #1, March 2017.


overpass perspective

New Bikeway Overpass, Outer Harbour Greenway, South Rd.

greenway-button1. Outer Harbour Greenway Completion:  Yes, that’s right – not just an ‘update’, we’re now talking about completion of this 13km on-and-off-road, low stress bikeway between Port Adelaide and the Adelaide City CBD! The PortBUG first surveyed the O/H Greenway route in 2005. Now, after 12 years of constant lobbying and advocacy, completion of the last sections of the Outer Harbour Route are within sight! The Greenway is now more-or-less continuous between the Port and Queen Street, Croydon. Apart from a small ‘wiggle’ on the city side of David Trc, Kilkenny the only sections of the route that remain incomplete are between South Road and Park Trc.

The PortBUG recently caught up with representatives from the 2 major projects involved as well as staff from DPTI for an update. Here’s what we found out:

  • Torrens-to-Torrens Project (T2T): This South Road redevelopment project will build a shared-use overpass (see above) over South Road, extending the O/H Greenway as far as Coglin Street, Bowden. Scheduled for completion by the end of 2018.
Overpass + dog leg

The T2T Overpass (in brown) – main ramp to Coglin St & ‘dog-leg’ ramp to McInnes St.

  • Torrens Junction Project: This rail line redevelopment project will take the Greenway from East Street, Bowden all the way to an underpass at Park Trc and thence on to the Adelaide Parklands bikeways. This new section of the Greenway will run parallel to a new Bowden rail station. Scheduled for completion by early 2018.
  • ‘Bowden Link’: This is the section of the Greenway between the two projects above. It will run from Coglin Street, eastwards through the old ‘gasworks’ site, over a new bikeway bridge at Chief Street to link up with the Torrens Junction section at East Ave. Scheduled for completion by early 2018.

We are told that all of this information will shortly be available at the DPTI Greenways website.

2.  Levels Bikeway Action: Correspondent Luke Oswald has recently expressed some concerns to PA/E Council & to PortBUG regarding the efficiency & continuity of the Levels-City Bikeway along Galway Ave, Clearview.

Levels-City BikewayLuke said: “Having to stop at so many intersections between Regency and Grand Junction Roads in Broadview and Clearview was a big disappointment and a disincentive to continue using this route with my bicycle. I imagine I wouldn’t be the only bicycle user to have those thoughts…”.

PA/E Council has now indicated that a Local Area Traffic Management plan is scheduled soon for the Clearview area with opportunities to review such issues then. PA/E will undertake short-term action to address issues Luke has identified re. the island in McLachlan Street (intersecting with Cookes Road). You can see the issues that Luke has raised here along with some suggestions he has offered to Council.

If you also use the Levels-City Bikeway and would like to raise any concerns please contact PA/E Council here (attention: Zak Valiff). Please let the BUG know of your concerns as well.


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BUG Alert – Dec 23rd: Closure of OHG Park Trc Crossing, 4th – 20th January.


Outer Harbour Greenway Closure: Gibson St to Park Trc, 4th-20th Jan. 2017.

The PortBUG is advised that – as part of the new DPTI Torrens Rail Junction Project – the pedestrian crossing at the Park Terrace level crossing and the section of the Outer Harbor Greenway between Gibson Street and Park Terrace will be closed between 4th & the 20th of January, 2017.

From early January DPTI will undertake works to relocate the boom gates and associated traffic signals at the level crossing on Park Terrace in Bowden. To ensure pedestrian and cyclist safety around our work site, they will close the pedestrian crossing at the Park Terrace level crossing and the section of the Outer Harbor Greenway between Gibson Street and Park Terrace.

Detours for bicycle users will be via:

  • the nearby Port Road crossing
  • the pedestrian crossing on Park Terrace near Fourth Street or…
  • the Gawler Greenway underpass under Park Terrace.

Advance notice signage will be installed today with further directional signage prior to the works starting.

The Project Information Line relating to these works is 1300 582 071.


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BUG Alert – December 14th: New Bike Repair Station.


New Bicycle Repair Station – Semaphore. Image: Courtesy PA/E Council.


Click to enlarge.

Port Adelaide/Enfield Council have installed a new Bicycle Repair Station at Semaphore, located adjacent to the kiosk, playground and Coastal Way Bike Path. Details here.

The station offers a variety of high quality tools including a number of wrenches, Allen keys, screw drivers etc. There is also what looks like a pretty decent track pump and a stand on which you can hang your bike (if it has a top-tube).

The station is a trial by the Port Adelaide/Enfield Parks & Gardens Department & we’re sure they’d appreciate your feedback here or by phone to 8405 6600.


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BUG Alert: December 8th, 2016 – Bikeways Brunch this Saturday.


Bikeways Brunch THIS SATURDAY: The Best Investment in Coffee & Crepes You’ll Make This Year!

bisa_logo_enews_600pxBISA has been working to make sure Frome St – and all future Bikeways – are good for all cyclists.  ACC is pulling out the stops for this weekend’s Bikeways Brunch (9-11am), showcasing its sample treatments for how future Bikeways might look.  (Invitation attached).  Apart from coffee, crepes and kids’ activities, they’re adding a bike acrobat, City Bikes, cargo bikes, and EcoCaddy transfers from the CBD.

More importantly, BISA yesterday confirmed that chalk and mock-kerb (= timber sleeper) versions of their high-quality design samples will be available to allow cyclists to try the designs at real-life travel speeds and while passing others.  These are temporary installations and will be there this Saturday ONLY.

ACC’s Bikeways project may well set the standard for SA and the next time to try will be when it’s built.  So even if you’ve already visited, please make the effort to join us out there to judge ACC’s efforts, and pass the message on.  If you do/don’t like what might get rolled out in our state, now is the time to make sure co-funder DPTI knows.

This is about our cycling future.

Regards, Fay Patterson, MAITPM

Chair BISA. chair@bisa.asn.au  0409 284 165

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PortBUG Blog Post #5, December 2016.



PAE-City-Wide-Bike-Network1.  BUG Update: The PortBUG has been busy! We recently met with Council staff for an update on the implementation of the PA/E Bike Plan. News is encouraging with a number of projects to be finished in the coming months. More details in a coming update. The BUG has also made a detailed submission to Council’s Rosewater LATM (a new Local Area Traffic Management Plan). This input is important because the development of new bikeways within Rosewater and adjacent Ottoway will be key to the building of the planned ‘East-West Connector’ bike-way from Port Adelaide all the way to South Road and beyond! We’ll provide more details in a subsequent post & at our website.

government-strategy-aims-for-1000km-of-greenways-across-northern-ireland2.  Bikeways & Brunch in the Parklands – Adelaide Cycleways Open Day:  Adelaide Cycleways? Well Adelaide CBD’s cycleways anyway! Come & see what the fuss is about this Saturday 10th Dec from 9am! Adelaide City Council will be showcasing its sample road treatments on Saturday, with coffee, crepes and kids’ activities.
 The Bicycle Institute (BISA) has been working on making longer trial sections available on the day to give a better idea of how well these designs will work. So even if you’ve already visited, join them at the old netball courts off Anzac Highway to judge how ACC & BISA are doing.

jeremy-e3.  Round the World Cyclist in Port Adelaide: Come & hear round-the-world cyclist, Jeremy Scott talk about his adventures.

Jeremy has overcome major heart problems in childhood to ride his bicycle 52,000km around the world and through 29 countries along the way.

  • When: Saturday 10th December, 2pm – 4pm.
  • Where: Port Adelaide Library, 2 Church Place, Pt Adelaide.

Jeremy’s book will be available for sale (and signing) on the day. Light refreshments provided.

greenway_plan4.  Belfast Shows Us How It’s Done! Northern Ireland’s Infrastructure Minister Chris Hazzard, shows that he understands the multiple benefits of new Greenways for Northern Ireland: Chris recently stated:

“When looking at the economy .. we continue to talk… about moving cars. We need to talk about moving people. Moving people in and out of Belfast city is good for business; moving cars is not.”      Perhaps some lessons here for our own State & Federal Governments!

v15.  Big News – Victoria Also Sets an Example for S.A! (from David Worth, STCWA) ‘The Victorian Government has established Active Transport Victoria (ATV) to promote the benefits of walking and cycling in that state.

  • Active Transport Victoria will take the lead and become the contact point for all cycling and pedestrian projects.
  • Active Transport Victoria will work with local councils and communities right across Victoria to better coordinate the planning of infrastructure, and ensure projects are built where they are need most, and delivered on time.
  • It will also put active modes of transport such as walking and cycling front and centre, better connecting them to the broader transport network.
  • ATV will work with VicRoads and the TAC to prioritise and invest in infrastructure that keeps cyclists and pedestrians safe through the Victorian Government’s $100 million Safer Cyclists and Pedestrians Fund.

Impressive stuff eh! More information hereMeanwhile – we have to ask ‘where is South Australia’s own long-overdue State Bicycle Plan…?’


6.  What’s Old is New Again: Expect to soon hear renewed proposals for a ‘by-pass’ on the Coastal Path at the Palais at Semaphore. Meanwhile…


Outside The Palais & Semaphore Bathing Pavilion in the 1930s, nearly 90 years ago. In the old days there was plenty of room to safely perambulate in your finery – or even hunt for Pokemon Go!



See you on the Bike-Way in 2017!

The PortBUG wishes all Port Adelaide Bicycle Users a great Christmas and New Year!

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BUG Alert: Free Salisbury Social Rides Come to Semaphore.

social-rides-sals-dec-2016Semaphore Sojourn: This easy 15km late afternoon ride along Adelaide’s foreshore will travel on the shared-use path from Semaphore to Outer Harbour and return. It’s suitable for all types of bikes. There will be a coffee & refreshment stop afterwards.

When:  Sunday, 11th December, starting at 4pm.

Where:  Meet at the Clock Tower on the Semaphore Foreshore at the end of Semaphore Road, Semaphore.

Contact: Nigel on 0431 838 735

bike_device_final-01Cycle Salisbury offers support for those wanting to enjoying cyclingThe City of Salisbury has partnered with Bicycle SA to encourage a more active and healthy community. Cycling can increase stamina and physical fitness, improve cardiovascular health and contribute to weight loss. It helps the environment and is a low cost way to get around & is a great social activity for the family or a group of friends. There are no bookings for the Cycling Salisbury Group Rides – just be at the Ride location before the advertised start time.

Cycle Salisbury 2016 Rides Program.

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BUG Alert: Sustainable Regeneration in Practice: Places for People!

aos-talk-3-saturday-5-novSustainable Regeneration in Practice: Places for People. Two public presentations by the Australian Institute of Architects with the Port Adelaide National Trust & PA/E Council.

#1.  Sustainable Regeneration in Practice: Lessons Learnt:  Professor Helen Lochhead from NSW will share the lessons learnt in design from cities around the world and include examples of her own projects in Sydney. This talk will highlight the key principles that underpin many successful strategies and projects that deliver multiple benefits to the place and the people.

#2.  (sub)Urban wins – inclusive design and the public realm:  Tim Conybeare, the Studio Director at ASPECT Studios, has gained some valuable insights into what makes an engaging public space and the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to delivering great places, having lived and worked across Australia. Drawing on insights from a few key projects, Tim’s talk will illustrate the values and inherent delight in working this way.

When:  Saturday 5th November, 2016, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM.

Where:  Port Adelaide Masonic Centre, 142-150 Commercial Road, Port Adelaide.

Cost:  FREE!  But please register at https://aostalk3.eventbrite.com.au

Architecture on Show is an initiative of the Australian Institute of Architects and made possible by the generous support of the Port of Adelaide National Trust and City of Port Adelaide Enfield. More details here.

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BUG Alert: Tennyson Dunes Coast Park Route Announced.

indicative-alignment-tenn-dunes-sept-2016On 9th September the Hon Ian Hunter, Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation released the Tennyson Dunes Conservation Reserve Coast Park Indicative Alignment. A copy of the consultation report can be found here with the full consultation summary here. The PortBUG will consider the route outcome at our October meeting and would welcome your comments.

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