‘Be Safe, Be Seen’ Cycling Safety Workshop – Update: Nov. 2017.

School Holiday Opportunity! ‘Be Safe, Be Seen’ Cycling Safety Workshop: PortBUG and the Port Adelaide/Enfield Council will be hosting another of BicycleSA’s very successful ‘Be Safe, Be Seen’ cycling safety presentations in January, 2018.

WHEN:  11th January, 2018, 10.30-11.30am.

WHERE:  The Town Hall, Port Adelaide/Enfield Council, 34 Nile Street, Port Adelaide.

WHAT: The Bike SA and Motor Accident Commission  (MAC) Be Safe Be Seen presentation reveals the findings of NEW SA cycling casualty research, providing local, detailed information on where and how crashes most commonly occur, and how best to avoid them.

Every attendee receives a safety gift pack, containing: saddle bag, backpack cover, reflective slap bands & free 3 month membership to Bike SA. (Please note: these are strictly limited to those in attendance on the day).

Highly relevant to ALL levels of experience, including the most experienced cyclist and motorists, the presentation contains surprising and essential information for anyone using our roads. To attend this free presentation please register your interest by contacting Sam Powrie, Secretary, PortBUG by Monday, January 1st!


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Cycle Salisbury – Social Riding Opportunities! November, 2017.

The Salisbury Council is immediately to the North of Port Adelaide/Enfield’s and a number of the Port’s existing and proposed  Bike Network routes link to those in Salisbury!

For a number of years the Salisbury Council has supported Cycle Salisbury, a program of regular community-based bicycle rides let by community volunteers. Port Adelaide/Enfield residents are most welcome to participate in these rides.  See the link above for more details on each of these rides as well as the program pdf below.

Social Rides November 2017

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PortBUG Flag-Making Workshop for TDU-2018!

Kalyna & Bob.

Port Adelaide artists, Kalyna Micenko and Bob Daly have received a grant to produce large appliqued flags to celebrate the start of the 2018 Tour Down Under in Port Adelaide.

They are now scheduling community workshops to design these flags for The Port’s streets and have invited PortBUG’s participation. The workshops will take place at Gallery Yampu (1 Jenkins St, Birkenhead) or at their studio in Port Adelaide.

Workshop participants will do a simple pencil design to the theme of ‘Port River Life’ then:

  • cut and pin nylon in the shape of the picture design
  • attach it to the flag base which is about 1m x 1m in size.

No words – just pictures. The flags will then be completed by Bob and Kalyna. After the TDU the flags will be owned by PAEC and available for community use.

Young people can take part if working alongside an adult. Bob and Kalyna will provide all materials & this is a free activity.

A special workshop just for the PortBUG could occur on a weekend morning or afternoon. The workshop would take about 2-3 hours maximum. Dates available are all Saturdays and Sundays from Nov 4 – Dec 10th except Nov 11th. 

If you are interested in attending a flag-design workshop please contact Sam (portadbug@gmail.com) ASAP indicating when you prefer to attend.

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Greenway & Port Adelaide Bike Plan Updates – October, 2017.

Causeway Road, Semaphore.

1. Bike Plan Update: Readers will be pleased to know that in what is left of the 2017-18 f/year Council intends completing a number of new off-road shared pathways along Causeway Road between Bower and Semaphore Roads, as well as improvements to existing pathways and a new pedestrian crossing.

These new pathways & improvements will go a long way to making this hazardous road much friendlier to both bike riders and pedestrians, including those walking and cycling to the two rail stations and to the schools at each end!  Work is also proceeding on Lipson St North to improve conditions for bicycles on this section of the Greenway.

Gillman Rail Reserve Pathway Route.

2. Proposals for 2018-19: The PortBUG meets 3 x year with staff from the Council to assist with the next round of project funding for the Local Area Bike Plan 2015-2020. At the first of these meetings a week or so ago, we reviewed current projects and canvassed a number of possible ones for the 2018-19 funding period (beginning July next year). Projects we are likely to nominate may include:

  • Further improvements along Causeway Road
  • Improvements to the very awkward Greenway connection between Mead Street and the pedestrian crossing on Semaphore Road/Le Fevre P.S (part of the Outer Harbour Greenway Route).
  • Initial planning and pathway improvements for the long-mooted East-West Connector along the disused railway reserve at Gillman (connecting the Outer Harbour Greenway route to South Road and beyond)
  • Improvements to the termination of the Greenway on Lady Gowrie Drive at Outer Harbour
  • Improved access from the pedestrian/bike crossings on Nelson St (adjacent to the Birkenhead Bridge) through to Commercial Road and Lipson Street along Nile Street and perhaps North Parade.

The PortBUG welcomes suggestions from readers for any new projects and improvements for the 2018-19 budget! Please drop us a note asap.

3. Greenway Update & Opening: A recent update from the Torrens-to-Torrens Project indicates that the OH Greenway connections between Queen Street, Croydon and the Adelaide Parklands – over South Road, through Bowden and then under Park Terrace are on schedule and likely to be open for bicycle use by this Christmas. After 12 years of sustained effort to see this Greenway built the PortBUG will be seeking a proper ‘ribbon cutting’ ceremony with the Minister for Transport in the New Year!

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Bikes Beyond Port Adelaide, August 1st, 2017.

Riding Beyond Port Adelaide?

Yes – the Outer Harbor Greenway does go beyond the Port’s Waterfront! In fact it makes it’s way across the Birkenhead Bridge and around the Inner Harbor via the Loop Path, and then finds it’s way up the middle of the Le Fevre Peninsula via a connected series of quiet roads and connecting off-road pathways. The character of the Greenway here is different and less scenic, but it’s a good route for commuters and those riding into the Port CBD. It’s also an excellent way to get to a ship-watcher’s delight – the Parks and Lookouts at Outer Harbor – without braving the traffic on Lady Gowrie/Ruthven Drives or riding all the way to Semaphore to join the Coast Park.

And the great news is that Port Adelaide Council has now made a significant investment in improving some of these off-road links (shown in the pics below), making negotiation of this Northern end of the Greenway easier and more convenient.

New full-width ramp and access pathway at the end of Railway Trc, Osborne.

This new ramp and the existing pathway provides a link past Osborne RS and through to Osborne Road.

Upgraded pathway linking Fraser Drive to Jurs Ave.

Upgraded pathway linking Klingberger Drive to Flaminia Street.

New ramp and path giving access to the railway crossing maze at Outer Harbor.

But it’s not quite finished! The PortBUG has written to both PA/E Council and to DPTI pointing out that the crossing maze illustrated above does not really meet the needs of current shared-pathway use and really needs upgrading to a more up-to-date design (a wider, more mobility-device and bike-trailer/family-friendly etc). We’ve also pointed to pressing need on the other side of the rail track for a much improved pathway through the kerb reserve and a secure road crossing (across Lady Ruthven Drive) to join up with the Coast Park. This latter bikeway takes riders the last few hundred meters to the park and lookouts at Outer Harbor and is a great way to return to Semaphore and thence to the Port. We’ll keep readers posted on the outcome!

Ship-watching Lookout – Outer Harbour. Booking the next coffee stop!



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Outer Harbor Greenway Update & Opening, July 2017.

View of the Greenway path through the new Bowden Station precinct & the Park Trc Underpass.

O.H Greenway to Open By Christmas!  PortBUG recently met with representatives of DPTI & the Torrens2Torrens & Torrens Junction Projects. Great news: the OH Greenway – The Port to the Adelaide CBD – will be open by Christmas!

The T2T & TJ Projects will complete the Greenway’s shared pathway link from Queens Street, Croydon through to the Parklands Bike Network. At long last – after 12 years of consistent and cooperative effort – the Greenway between the Port and the Adelaide CBD will be operational!

The PortBUG will be seeking a formal opening ceremony, hopefully to coincide with the start of the 2018 TDU in the Port! Maybe a giant TDU/Greenway ‘Breakfast & Celebration Ride’? Stay tuned for further news…

Artist’s view of the shared-use overpass currently under construction at South Road.

‘Torrens2Torrens’ Project Update: T2T staff told us that although the South Road bicycle overpass will be open to commuters by September/October, the extended ramp to Coglin Street may still be a work zone over November. In the interim this may require those using the overpass to descend via the new ‘dog-leg’ ramp on the Eastern side to McInnes Street (and thence to Port Road via First Street and Coglin or Chief Streets).

‘Torrens Junction’ Project: The original scope of the TJ Project has been extended Westwards to link up with the bikeway overpass over at Coglin Street. This will take the new OHG shared use path all the way through to the Adelaide Parklands via new off-road pathways over a new bike bridge at Chief Street, a road crossing at West Street and through the new Bowden Station precinct, under Park Terrace and into the Park Lands.

Artist’s view of the Greenway path through the Bowden Station precinct – from the East St crossing.

We have been assured that the new pathway will be at least 2.5 metres wide, straight and well lit at night. Work will take place over October/November and again, it is expected to be open by Christmas. It was noted that the pathway through the station precinct will be separate from the station platform.

Signage & Detours: PortBUG has provided feedback indicating that access through the whole TJ construction site remained somewhat confusing and difficult due to a lack of clear, on-ground signage. Project staff noted that one of the large pathway maps has recently gone missing due to construction activities – they will ensure it is replaced and that interim detour signage is reviewed and improved where appropriate.

It’s worth noting that in the Torrens2Torrens Project area in particular (Queens Street to Coglin Street), a number of the detour and access routes (Hawker St, Cedar Ave) will close and open again over the next few weeks as multiple works proceed.

Staff recommend that cycle commuters utilise the Port Road bicycle detours around the South Road junction over this period. We were also told that the pathway crossing at Park Terrace will close soon as work on the underpass continues. DPTI will maintain and update the Cycle Instead Journey Planner which may also assist cyclists keep track of these changes.

Linear Path Updates: There are a number of projects affecting bicycle access along the Linear Pathway at present. Work to widen the Taylor Street bridge has closed the Linear Path here for some weeks, requiring detours that will be reflected in the Cycle Instead Journey Planner. Linear Path under the Torrens bridge on Port Road is also about to close for approx. 3 weeks due to work undertaken by SA Water. Pathway access under both bridges will be open by Christmas.

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PortBUG News #2, May 2017.

Use of power-assist via IC engines now illegal in S.A!

1. Power assisted bicycles: New regulations (from December 2016) now makes use of internal combustion engines fitted to bicycles illegal on South Australian roads or road-related areas (such as bikepaths and bikeways and shared-use pathways).

The Greenway at St Clair.

2. Outer Harbour Greenway Review:  Our February News announced projects that will finally see the OHG open all the way between The Port and the Adelaide CBD. The challenge will then be  to ensure the route is gradually improved for all users and for local communities along the way. This will need many inputs and perspectives over time. Charles Sturt Council has started this process by commissioning a review to which the PortBUG will make submissions. You’ll be able to read what we have to say here. Please add any comments you may have – we’ll ensure they are included.

3. Hart Street Redevelopment: Residents may have recently noted the recent presence of orange-clad surveyors working along Hart Street, Semaphore. DPTI staff inform us that public consultation for the long-awaited redevelopment of Active Transport (bike and pedestrian) facilities on Hart Street will begin very soon. These facilities will include:

  • reducing 4 traffic lanes to 2 (between the Jervois Bridge and Military Road), thus freeing road space for other users
  • extending the bicycle lanes from the Jervois Bridge all the way to the Esplanade and linking to the Coastal Park Bikeway
  • improving safety for pedestrians, particularly for students at Le Fevre HS and young people using nearby netball and hockey facilities.

4. Rosewater LATM: For residents of Rosewater without access to a car, travel into The Port or to other centres has been unnecessarily difficult. Residents of nearby Ottoway face similar difficulties. The PortBUG has drafted a submission to the Council regarding a new Local Area Traffic Management Plan (LATM) for Rosewater. We feel confident that there will be major improvements for pedestrians, bicycle users and all others using active transport (including those using mobility devices). Because implementation of the LATM will extend over some years we’ve created a web page which we’ll update regularly.

5. Port CBD Update: For sometime the BUG has been developing recommendations to improve Active Mobility Access – for pedestrians, bicycle & mobility device users etc – to the Port CBD’s shopping & services precincts. We have been particularly concerned with safe & convenient access from the Harbour Loop and Greenway paths and from Bower Road. In fact CBD access was included in the PA/E Bike Plan (see right). Prompted by the major redevelopments planned for the Port’s historic & shopping centre areas, the BUG has surveyed new potential linkages for bikes, pedestrians & mobility device users & will develop a set of recommendations for Council. We’ll post updates here.


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PortBUG Alert, March 29th, 2017.

New Signs on the Coast Park Bikeway at Semaphore Park (pics by Dave Case)

1. Innovation on the Coastal Way: The PortBUG’s eagle-eyed camera patrol recently encountered these new signs on the Coast Park Bikeway at Semaphore Park (Charles Sturt Council area).

Cyclist – ring your bell!

Pathway Users – keep left!

The BUG has previously suggested to the Port Council that similar behavioural guidance be provided on the Coast Park Bikeway between Semaphore and Outer Harbour. Perhaps this initiative by Charles Sturt Council is an example worth emulating!

South Road Bikeway Overpass (marked #2 above).

2. Torrens-to-Torrens Project Update: In a brief update email today the T2T Project has announced that (amongst other things): “The Outer Harbour rail overpass will be fully completed in mid 2017, including the shared use pathway that will be attached to the northern side of the rail overpass, connecting pedestrians and cyclists with the Outer Harbor Greenway.”  Pathway highlighted in brown above, link to the full update here. 

Edit: We have received a comment from Brian suggesting that the ‘official’ cycling detour around the Torrens Junction Project may be a bit unclear. The nominated cycling detour route can be seen here. The nominated pedestrian detour can be found here. It’s also worth reading the latest Project Newsletter here. We’d welcome further feedback from those using these detours over the coming months. Ed. 

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PortBUG Blog Post #1, March 2017.


overpass perspective

New Bikeway Overpass, Outer Harbour Greenway, South Rd.

greenway-button1. Outer Harbour Greenway Completion:  Yes, that’s right – not just an ‘update’, we’re now talking about completion of this 13km on-and-off-road, low stress bikeway between Port Adelaide and the Adelaide City CBD! The PortBUG first surveyed the O/H Greenway route in 2005. Now, after 12 years of constant lobbying and advocacy, completion of the last sections of the Outer Harbour Route are within sight! The Greenway is now more-or-less continuous between the Port and Queen Street, Croydon. Apart from a small ‘wiggle’ on the city side of David Trc, Kilkenny the only sections of the route that remain incomplete are between South Road and Park Trc.

The PortBUG recently caught up with representatives from the 2 major projects involved as well as staff from DPTI for an update. Here’s what we found out:

  • Torrens-to-Torrens Project (T2T): This South Road redevelopment project will build a shared-use overpass (see above) over South Road, extending the O/H Greenway as far as Coglin Street, Bowden. Scheduled for completion by the end of 2018.
Overpass + dog leg

The T2T Overpass (in brown) – main ramp to Coglin St & ‘dog-leg’ ramp to McInnes St.

  • Torrens Junction Project: This rail line redevelopment project will take the Greenway from East Street, Bowden all the way to an underpass at Park Trc and thence on to the Adelaide Parklands bikeways. This new section of the Greenway will run parallel to a new Bowden rail station. Scheduled for completion by early 2018.
  • ‘Bowden Link’: This is the section of the Greenway between the two projects above. It will run from Coglin Street, eastwards through the old ‘gasworks’ site, over a new bikeway bridge at Chief Street to link up with the Torrens Junction section at East Ave. Scheduled for completion by early 2018.

We are told that all of this information will shortly be available at the DPTI Greenways website.

2.  Levels Bikeway Action: Correspondent Luke Oswald has recently expressed some concerns to PA/E Council & to PortBUG regarding the efficiency & continuity of the Levels-City Bikeway along Galway Ave, Clearview.

Levels-City BikewayLuke said: “Having to stop at so many intersections between Regency and Grand Junction Roads in Broadview and Clearview was a big disappointment and a disincentive to continue using this route with my bicycle. I imagine I wouldn’t be the only bicycle user to have those thoughts…”.

PA/E Council has now indicated that a Local Area Traffic Management plan is scheduled soon for the Clearview area with opportunities to review such issues then. PA/E will undertake short-term action to address issues Luke has identified re. the island in McLachlan Street (intersecting with Cookes Road). You can see the issues that Luke has raised here along with some suggestions he has offered to Council.

If you also use the Levels-City Bikeway and would like to raise any concerns please contact PA/E Council here (attention: Zak Valiff). Please let the BUG know of your concerns as well.


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BUG Alert – Dec 23rd: Closure of OHG Park Trc Crossing, 4th – 20th January.


Outer Harbour Greenway Closure: Gibson St to Park Trc, 4th-20th Jan. 2017.

The PortBUG is advised that – as part of the new DPTI Torrens Rail Junction Project – the pedestrian crossing at the Park Terrace level crossing and the section of the Outer Harbor Greenway between Gibson Street and Park Terrace will be closed between 4th & the 20th of January, 2017.

From early January DPTI will undertake works to relocate the boom gates and associated traffic signals at the level crossing on Park Terrace in Bowden. To ensure pedestrian and cyclist safety around our work site, they will close the pedestrian crossing at the Park Terrace level crossing and the section of the Outer Harbor Greenway between Gibson Street and Park Terrace.

Detours for bicycle users will be via:

  • the nearby Port Road crossing
  • the pedestrian crossing on Park Terrace near Fourth Street or…
  • the Gawler Greenway underpass under Park Terrace.

Advance notice signage will be installed today with further directional signage prior to the works starting.

The Project Information Line relating to these works is 1300 582 071.


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