PortBUG: Important Updates from DPTI!

Hart Street looking east towards the Port CBD.

The PortBUG recently met with Gemma Kernich, Unit Manager – Infrastructure, Planning & Investment Section, DPTI. We had asked Gemma to provide important updates on some of the projects and issues that we’ve been focussing on over the last few months – notably:

  • The Hart Street Project: Work has started with replacement of lighting fixtures being the first step. Speed limits will be reduced from 60 to 50km/h and the current 4 lanes will be reduced to 2. Bike lanes will be installed with the west-bound being ‘protected’ behind a car-parking zone. Many new trees will be planted (by Council). There will be a major safety upgrade of the Carlisle Street intersection to reduce crossing distances for everyone. The work will take~3 months.

The proposed redevelopment of Hart Street looking west.

  • Port Expressway Bikeway: An off-road and fully separated off-road bikeway will be built to parallel the Port Expressway (the PREXY) on its Northern side. The path will run from east of theEastern Parade Bridge as far as the PREXY/Northern Connector intersection (at the junction with South Road). Bikes will eventually be banned from the PREXY (they are currently only allowed between Port Adelaide and Hanson Rd) as per other motorways/freeways with separated paths. This project has been included as an approved scope extension within the existingFederal funding allocation for the Northern Connector project (the Bikeway will be constructed by the Northern Connector Consortium). The main aims of this project are improved cyclist safety and accessibility and linking to the future Northern Connector and the existing Superway bikeways. The Port Expressway Bikeway will likely be built towards the end of the NorthernConnector Project (route is currently use as a heavy vehicle ‘haul way’).
  • Northern Connector: The PREXY Bikeway will pass under the Northern Connector’s approach ramp to the PREXY. The pathway will then join with both the Northern Connector Bikeway (coming in from the North) and a culvert underpass under the PREXY. The latter will connect with the Gawler Greenway.
  • The Port Wakefield Road/Dry Creek Underpass (flooding issues): Responsibility for resolving the current tidal inundation issues lies entirely withSalisbury Council (who are responsible for the underpass design issues). Pathway users are warned about the dangers of collision with mullet and the occasional crab 😉!
  • The Gawler Greenway: The Gawler Greenway route is now more or less determined between the CBD and Mawson Lakes/junction with the Little Para Bikeway. The route will utilize Davenport Tce + shared path to Islington Railway Station (or alternate connection via Pym St and Janice Jensen Reserve), north of which is a proposed new extension via an off-road path along Regency Rd and thence to Narweena Drive for a substantial portion of its length. It will make use of some SA Water reserve as well. The bikeway will be constructed by DPTI but an in-kind will be needed by PA/E Council (principally a new footpath along Narweena Drive) and to ensure their long-term custody and maintenance of the asset. A link will also proceed under the PREXY (existing culvert) to connect to the Northern Connector Bikewaywith contracts for construction already in place.

Gawler Greenway – southern sections.

The GG route will proceed on towards Mawson Lakes from ‘B’ above. The linkage to the NC proceeds along the Sals Highway to the NC Bikeway via point ‘A’.

Gawler Greenway – northern sections of the route.

  • Completion of the Outer Harbour Greenway: The final section to be opened on the OHG is between the new Chief Street Bridge and the East/Drayton Street junction – a distance of about 150 metres. This section of off-road pathway will be built by DPTI (and may also involve further modifications to a short section of Drayton Street). Construction of this final section of pathway may take some time as several development approvals are involved dealing with heritage and site contamination issues. There has been some delay in completing the overpass at South Road, due it appears to the use of heritage brick facing utilising lime mortar (only 6 courses can be built at a time). The overpass is expected to open at the end of July.

South Road Overpass – western ramp under construction.

  • Nelson St/St Vincent St Intersection (Pt Adelaide): The space taken up by this intersection is acknowledged as substantial. Improved traffic movement and bike/ped access will really require consideration of overall traffic management and movement studies for the entire PA Centre (including the impact of the Port Dock RS and Starfish Housing developments). Such a study would need to be ‘driven’ by the PA/E Council. Note: It has been previously suggested that some sort of cyclist-controlled push button crossing and turn facility be installed at this junction to facilitate safer cyclist right-hand turns onto Nelson St. In a subsequent update provided by Gemma she stated: “The bicycle button and lantern to turn from St Vincent St to Nelson St are installed but not yet commissioned!  They are located so cyclists travelling west and turning into Nelson St (and across the Birkenhead Bridge) can stop outside the church and press a button.” [see below]…     To the right there is a special bicycle lantern [see below]. Once it goes green you can turn right with no other traffic. Installed but ‘bagged off’. This should be commissioned shortly.” It’s a bit unclear how this right-turn will operate – the PortBUG will evaluate it as soon as it is operational!

  • Prospects for a new State Cycling Strategy: This would now be the responsibility of DPTI’s ‘Moving People’ section.
  • Cycle Park ‘n Ride: Several new (6 or 7) clusters of bike parking rails have been installed by the City of Charles Sturt on the Outer Harbour Line (at each station location & on both sides of the tracks). Similar installations are proposed for the PA/E Council area with some funding from Council. Locations will shortly be open for public consultation! Secure bike parking enclosures are currently being constructed at the Entertainment Centre Tram Station & Klemzig OBahn Interchange. A secure parking enclosure may also be installed at Woodville RS (when funding is available) and at the new Port Dock Station when it is completed.

Entertainment Centre – new secure bike parking enclosure. Pic: Giulio Ponte.

  • Closures on the Torrens Linear Path: It was noted by PortBUG members that there are currently 3 closures on the Linear Path to the west of Adelaide. Discussion identified a lack of information as to exactly what structure the T2T project will be building at the recently announced closure under South Road. The PortBUG will follow this issue up as the current structure seems quite unsafe and needing considerable improvement rather than simple modification!

More details of all of these projects will be posted as they become available. If you are on facebook, please consider following our facebook group (the Port Adelaide Bicycle Forum) for more frequent updates and opportunities to provide us with your own views and experiences!

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Be Safe, Be Seen: Registration for free cycling safety pack extended to June 15th…

While anyone can still come along to the upcoming Be Safe, Be Seenpresentation on 20th June, registration to receive the free Cycling Safety pack has been extended to Friday 15th June!

Register this week and before the 15th and you can pick up a saddle bag with reflective seal-wraps, back-pack cover, stickers and 3 month free membership of BikeSA.

Come down the Greenway and visit us in Port Adelaide! Contact Sam at portadbug@gmail.com

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PortBUG: World Bike Day, June 3rd, 2018.

World Bike Day 2018 in Adelaide was marked by a jointly organised BISA/Bike SA Community Ride from Victoria Park to Elder Park on a beautiful Adelaide day! Several hundred bicyclists turned up to show support for bicycle use in our city.

There were lots of cargo and freight bikes!

Stephen with his home-made people-carrier.

People carriers and trikes…

…and a pirate or two!

Some bikes just for having fun…

The youngies were there…

There was some tweed…

…and lots of smiles…

…and Kieran with his new coffee bike as well!

Additional parties went to observe the CycloCross activities in the Parklands…

The new bike-bridge over the rail line at Park Terrace.

…and others ventured down to Bowden to check out the new bridges and underpass at the top-end of the nearly complete Outer Harbour Greenway.

It was wonderful and very encouraging to see that the spirit of community bicycle use is well and truly alive in Adelaide in 2018 – especially with so many young folk in attendance! See you there next year!


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PortBUG: New Chief Street Bike Bridge to open late July…

From a T2T Project update published today…

“As part of the Torrens Road to River Torrens Project, the T2T Alliance will be installing a shared use path bridge across Chief Street, on the northern side of the Outer Harbor rail bridge. These works form part of the Outer Harbor Greenway extension.

The shared use path between Queen Street, Croydon and West Street, Brompton is scheduled to open in late Julyas part of the T2T Alliance works….

To minimise disruption to traffic, the bridge works will be undertaken between 4am Saturday 26 May and 7pm Sunday 27 May…”

More here.


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PortBUG: Our Last ‘Be Safe, Be Seen’ Seminar! Wed 20th June, 4pm.

In collaboration with Port Adelaide/Enfield Council the PortBUG will once again be running a freeBikeSA/MAC ‘Be Safe, Be Seen’cycling safety seminar (leaflet attached).

When: 4-5pm, Wednesday 20th June.
Where: Port Adelaide Town Hall, 32 Nile St, Port Adelaide.

Parents & Students: We’ve set the time for this session after school to make it easier for students to attend. So parents – if your kids want to ride to school, encourage them to come along. This may well be your last opportunity to attend one of these valuable 30 minute presentations as it appears that MAC will no longer be funding them after June this year!

The sessions offer key facts re. the types and locations of the most frequent accidents leading to cycling casualties, and the most effective strategies for avoiding them. This program is designed for both highly experienced riders as well as those new to commuting by bike – and simply aims to reduce the risk of road crash injury to cyclists. You’d be surprised to know that experienced cyclists are over-represented in crash statistics!

The seminar will begin at 4pm sharp, with questions, discussion and tea and coffee available from 4.30 onwards.

Anyone can attend. Remember that although registration is not necessary, if you do register with Sam at portadbug@gmail.com by June 11th, you will be on the list to receive a free Cycling Safety Gift Pack with:
– saddle bag
– ‘slap band’ ankle reflectors
– a waterproof, hi-vis back pack cover
– stickers
– a 3 month membership of Bike SA.

Special note to Public Service Staff: Those who may be transferring to the new PS offices at Port Adelaide should perhaps consider attending. For many the new Outer Harbour Greenway will make bicycle commuting easy and enjoyable!

Remember – Our presenter needs the numbers beforehand for those wanting the free Safety Gift Pack! If you want one please email Sam indicating names of those attending!

Sam, Secretary, PortBUG. Email: portadbug@gmail.com Web: https://portadbug.org

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PortBUG: Latest on the Outer Harbour Greenway, May 2018.

Parklands Bridge over the rail line, top of underpass ramp.

Jilden at AdelaideCyclists has posted some nice pictures and a short summary of the state of play on the OHG at Bowden.

He says: “The first section from the Park lands to the old Bowden station and Drayton/East St is now open to the public.

The South Road Overpass is progressing too, ramps are being constructed at either end of the bridge.

The unfinished bits in between aren’t too hard to get around.”

Take a look here. (all photos by Jilden)

Greenway ramp, western end of the South Road Rail Overpass.

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PortBUG: New Hart Street Bikeway Redevelopment, April 2018.

Hart Street: Four traffic lanes looking east from the beachside end.

Commencement of the long-awaited joint PA/E Council/DPTI Hart Street Redevelopment Project has been announced. Hart Street is a major arterial road connecting the Port CBD & Inner Harbour with Semaphore’s beach and coastal suburbs, as well as the Coast Park bikeway. The project will provide many benefits for local residents and for the many young folk using adjacent sporting facilities, for students attending Le Fevre High School and for pedestrians and bicycle users travelling between the Port CBD and beachside suburbs. The redevelopment of Hart Street will be a bench-park for creation of walkable & bike-friendly environments on Adelaide’s arterial roads!

Summary:  By reducing the number of travel lanes to two, the project will achieve road safety improvements for all road users whilst simultaneously enhancing the street’s appeal and amenity. This will provide a balanced road environment for all road users and enhance the street environment, making it a safer and more pleasant setting for the community to enjoy. The proposed works include:

  • A streetscape upgrade
  • Removal of one travel lane in each direction
  • Reduction of the posted speed limit on Hart Street from 60k/h to 50k/h
  • Installation of protected bicycle lanes for the length of Hart Street whilst preserving existing parking conditions as much as possible.
  • Installation of kerb extensions at the intersection of Hart Street and Carlisle Street.
  • Installation of new pedestrian refuges to improve crossing safety.

Benefits include:

  • a direct link and a safer street for all road users
  • a walkable environment, with better access to community facilities
  • safe bike lanes to protect people riding bicycles
  • an enhanced look and feel for Hart Street, creating a healthy, friendly neighbourhood
  • removal of surplus traffic lanes and a balanced road environment
  • a reduction in the speed limit to 50 km/h.

Construction is scheduled to commence in mid-2018, with completion scheduled for the end of the year.

Project Information and Map here.  Detailed concept Plan here.

Project drop-in Information Sessions: Port Adelaide and Districts Hockey Club, John Hart Reserve, Semaphore (enter off Swan Terrace).

  • Monday 30 April 2018 between 2pm and 4pm
  • Tuesday 1 May 2018 between 10am and midday
  • Wednesday 2 May 2018 between 6pm and 8pm…

Email the Projectdpti.communityrelations@sa.gov.au    Feedback form here.

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PortBUG: PA/E Bike Plan Implementation Update, April 2018.


The PA/E Bike Plan: Rushing to the Finish!

As readers may be aware the Port Adelaide/Enfield Bike Plan 2015-20 still has a couple of years left to run. Overall it is an ambitious program of works ranging from major new ‘A to B’ bikeways through to a myriad of smaller ‘connections’, all aimed at improving general connectivity and continuity for bicycle users.

Council officers have worked pretty hard to address the sometimes overwhelming scope of The Plan and we congratulate them on their efforts. As we approach the last 2 years of implementation the PortBUG has commenced an independent review of:

  • what’s been achieved thus far
  • what might still be completed over the next 2 years to 2020 and…
  • where anything left uncompleted will leave us.

Completed Network Improvements:  Completed improvements to the Bike Network include:

  • establishing and completing the Outer Harbour Greenway, particularly the northern section from Birkenhead through to Outer Harbour
  • improving general connectivity throughout the Port Adelaide/Enfield area, including along the Gawler Greenway & the Levels Bikeway
  • improved on & off-road facilities on St Vincent Street and elsewhere through the Port CBD
  • improving off-road bicycle access along Semaphore Road
  • improvements to the Coastal Park Bikeway (including resolution of problems associated with The Palais at Semaphore).

Current:  Before the end of the current financial year we hope to see:

  • New Causeway Rd Bikeways…

    commencement of new off-road bikeways along Causeway Road (a busy heavy transport route)

  • a start on the redevelopment of Hart Street with reduced traffic lanes and much improved provision for pedestrian and bicycle safety (this being mainly a DPTI project)
  • significant work completed for the new bike routes identified in the Rosewater LATM
  • key works on the East-West Connector route from Rosewater through The Parks to South Road
  • the opening of the Outer Harbour Greenway, particularly the sections between Queen Street, Croydon and the Adelaide Parklands.

New Challenges: Some new challenges have arisen over the last 2 years which the PortBUG has sought to address, a number of them outside the scope of The Plan. These include:

  • Proposed Port Dock Rail Station.

    issues arising from construction of the Port Dock Rail Station and the Starfish housing development at Docks 1 and 2 around the eastern end of the Inner Harbour

  • the construction of the Northern Connector Bikeway and its connectivity with other new and established bikeways in the area
  • the severance of the Mersey Road Bikeway by the expansion of the SubCorp work area at Taperoo
  • the many issues involving Active Transport access to the Port’s CBD.

The 2018-919 Financial Year:  Following extensive discussions, the PA/E Council has provided the BUG with a summary of proposed works for the 2018/19 financial year. These include:

  • construction of an off-road path on the OHG at Mead Stbetween Semaphore Rd & Shorney St (providing a safer transition from the Semaphore Rd pathways to the Mead Street traffic lanes)
  • Earthwrap signage on the Coastal Way.

    installation of ‘Earthwrap’ surface advisory signage on the Coast Park bikeway

  • provision of a median refuge on the Enfield East-West route at Main North Road (Warwick and Barton Streets)
  • installation of sharrows on the Gawler Greenway at Pym Street
  • installation of sharrows on the OHG route through the wharf area at Port Adelaide – between Nelson and McLaren Streets
  • installation of sharrows and a new pathway at Osmond St, Gilles Plains.
  • provision of pathways & kerbside ramps to link the OHG across Lady Ruthven Drv to the Coast Park at Flaminia Street, North Haven
  • improved pathways and ramp facilities on the Mersey Road Bikeway at Furniss Crt & Mascotte St, Osborne
  • provision of a significant new bikeway linkage – the ‘Coopers Link’ (see below)– alongside Regency Road, connecting the East-West Connector (along South Road) to the Gawler Greenway Route at Naweena Road (see below).

‘Unmade’ Ottoway Path – Gillman rail reserve.

Incomplete:  There are many items in The Plan that have not yet been addressed. These include:

  • major improvements required to off-road bikeways along Sudholz Road, Hillcrest and elsewhere along main roads in the eastern Council Area
  • resolution of safe bicycle access along major routes such as the Port Expressway and The Grand Trunkway at Gillman
  • completion of the Gawler Greenway to at least Mawson Lakes
  • establishing a new Greenway through the Gillman rail yards to Ottoway.

The PortBUG hopes to have incomplete aspects of The Plan clearly identified prior to its time ‘running out’ in 2020 so that we are in the best position to work towards a new Bike Plan for the new decade!

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PortBUG: Torrens Junction/Outer Harbour Greenway Update.

The new Greenway path at Bowden approaches the Park Trc Underpass.

Torrens Junction Project: UPDATE – March to May 2018 (edited for brevity!)

Major construction works on the Torrens Rail Junction Project are complete however some construction activities are required before handing back to the Community. These include:

  • March 2018: Remaining works will continue during day and intermittent night shifts. This includes landscaping, resurfacing of roads and shared use paths, installation of fencing and the installation of street furniture such as wayfinding signage and bike racks.
  • From 29 March to 2 April 2018: From Thursday 29 March after the last train to Tuesday 3 April 2018 before the first train, we will undertake final rail and signalling works on a 24/7 basis along the Outer Harbor and Grange, and the Gawler rail lines.
  • April to May 2018: Landscaping and re-planting of trees and plants in the Park Lands and Bowden will commence in April and continue through Autumn.
  • Vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists: As we near full completion of the project, the number of heavy and light vehicles has significantly reduced. Signage and traffic controllers are in place to advise of changed conditions and ensure safe access for road users, pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Gibson Street is now open to vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Drayton Street, between East Street and Third Street, will remain temporarily closed to vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists until April 2018.
  • East Street, at the rail crossing, is permanently closed to vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. The remainder of East Street will open to vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists in April 2018.

The Outer Harbor Greenway, from Drayton Street to the Park Lands via Park Terrace underpass, will open in April 2018.

The new Greenway emerging from under the Park Terrace Underpass and curving into the parklands.

Ed: We’ve also been told that:

  • the Torrens2Torrens section of the new OH Greenway will also open by the end of April. This will allow bicycle users to cross South Road on a new overpass bridge and the ride all the way on a separated bikeway to a new bridge over the Chief Street road underpass.
  • the last, unfinished section of the OH Greenway – between Chief Street and East Street – will open sometime between July and September. This section of new, separated bikeway will pass the old (and heritage listed) SAGASCO gas storage site and there will be a number of heritage issues to deal with. Greenway users will need to detour between Chief and East streets – either to Port Road or around the ‘Gasworks’ site.

Looking west along the Greenway route towards Chief St. Old SAGASCO wall & buildings on the right. Some heritage issues to deal with!

Let’s be patient – it’ll be worth it!

More details here.

The Fab Four? PortBUG & WestsideBUG members & Gemma from DPTI at the new Gibson St Greenway crossing on a recent tour of the TJ Project.

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PortBUG: 2018 Election & Beyond…

Magnificent open space: PortBUG’s proposed Gillman East-West Connector in its current state…

With a view to the expiration of the current Port Adelaide/Enfield Bike Plan in 2020 (and the subsequent provision of a new Plan), the PortBUG is undertaking a review of our goals and infrastructure targets. We’ll be developing a brief ‘2020 & Beyond’ planning document which we’ll place at our web site for public comment, but for now here’s our draft list of Major Infrastructure Targets for the Port Adelaide/Enfield Council Area for your comment please:

Major Infrastructure Targets (2018 – 2030):

  • Construction of an East-West Connector linkage along Gillman Rail Corridor Reserve from the Port CBD to Dry Creek (and the junction with the Gawler Greenway) via an extension through the Barker Inlet Wetlands (see map below).
  • Establish and maintain cycling and walking continuity along the Mersey Rd Bikeway (Ed: along the Port River) to Biodiversity Park and Outer Harbour. Note: Mersey Road is likely to be severed by extension of the Sub. Corp!
  • Construct a new off-road Torrens Island Bikeway alongside The Grand Trunkway at Gillman.
  • Completion of a connected and continuous Harbour Loop Pathway Stage 2 (Eastern Inner Harbour)
  • Design and completion of new bikeways along Semaphore Road West as part of the long-delayed Semaphore Road Stage 2 (Military Rd to the Esplanade)
  • Completion of the PA/E sections of the Gawler Greenway
  • Completion of the PA/E sections of the Levels Bikeway
  • Completion of the Causeway Road Bikeway
  • Establishing secure bike access along Military Rd, Semaphore and Largs Bay
  • Ensure direct, secure and convenient access to the Port CBD for all Active Transport users
  • Complete missing infrastructure linkages and interpretive provisions on the Outer Harbour Greenway (eg; road crossing pathways and median refuge at Outer Harbour).

Please bear in mind that this is very much a draft list – it will be modified as our thinking develops and (hopefully) as we receive input from the Port/Enfield Community. We hope the review of goals completed by about July this year.

Please have a look at the list and let us know what you think:

  • what you think may be important and what’s not (and why)?
  • what we’ve missed?

Thanks, PortBUG.

Draft: Proposed East-West Connector with Barker Inlet & Dry Creek Extension Linkages (Map: Tony Bazeley).

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