PortBUG: URGENT NOTICE – Outer Harbor Greenway, Jenkins Street, Port Adelaide.

Outer Harbor Greenway users riding to & from the waterfront or Port CBD may have noticed what appears to be the imminent closure of the bikeway section along Jenkins St at Port Adelaide – connecting the Birkenhead Bridge path & Semaphore Road Bikeway.

Fence blocking access to the wide entrance/exit ramp on Jenkins St.

A large fence has been erected – apparently by the Fletcher’s Slip housing developers – closing off access to the corner (& the wide Jenkins Street rampway) & creating what we judge to be a dangerous situation for all concerned!

Despite this ramp & partial road closure we’ve noted today that many cyclists continue to rely on this section of the route, negotiating the hazardous entry & exit that has now resulted.

PortBUG has received no notice at all of this apparent closure nor information about the developer’s intentions, provision of alternative routes etc. We have raised a number of concerns with PAE Council & the developers this afternoon & will keep you informed of the outcomes.

If you use this section of the Greenway, please do so WITH CARE!

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