The OHG & the Big Idea…


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OHG Development:
   First surveyed & documented by the PortBUG in August 2005, the O/H Greenway route is now outlined in some detail at DPTI’s Infrastructure website.

It directly connects The Port to the Adelaide City CBD via a low-stress, secure & convenient bike-way:

  • avoiding main roads
  • providing safe, light-controlled crossings when main roads are encountered &…
  • accessible & enjoyable for all!
OHG Uncool Sth Rd Overpass

New Overpass on the OHG at South Road (courtesy Uncool Cycling Club).

GW-E-10To the East of Port Adelaide the route follows existing ‘railway boulevards’ running adjacent to the rail reserve (Day, Buller and Belmore Terraces). All of these roads run more or less parallel to & some 150-200 metres from Port Road to the North of the rail line.

Greenway users have easy access to the shopping and service precincts on Port Road and to several other local shopping, service, education & recreational areas along the way, including Alberton Oval, Fussell Place at Alberton, Queen & Rosetta Streets at Croydon, Woodville Road, & the new markets at St Clair and Bowden. The Greenway will assist in revitalising service & retail areas adjacent to several of the rail stations along the line.

At Queen Street, Greenway users are also able to turn off and cross Port Road to travel South via a new marked bikeway on local roads (Albemarle, Bond, Bertie, across Grange Rd & along McDonnell Ave) to the Hallett Bridge across the Torrens to access the shopping precinct on Ashwin Avenue at ‘The Brickworks’.

GW-E-6Although much of the route travels on existing ‘railway boulevards’ & other local roads, there are several new stretches of off-road bike path that provide key linkages between them. This road/pathway approach has minimised costs & ensures maximum access for all users, whether riding the whole length or just from one suburb to another. It also brings the Greenway closer to street-front businesses,  residential streets, rail stations and recreational facilities, ensuring economic benefits for traders & social benefits for local communities along the way.

Pic 3It’s important to note that the route provides ‘Bike & Pedestrian Activated’ (BPA) crossings at all of the main roads

  • Park Terrace (Bowden)
  • David Terrace (Kilkenny)
  • Woodville Road (Woodville)
  • Cheltenham Parade (Cheltenham)
  • Nelson St (Port Adelaide)
  • Semaphore Road (Semaphore).

This means that no hazardous & uncontrolled main-road crossings are required! New pathway lighting has also been installed on all new pathways including through St Clair, on the South Road Overpass & the Park Trc Underpass.

OHG Uncool Alberton RS

OHG at Alberton Rail Station (courtesy Uncool Cycling Club)

The Outer Harbour Greenway will provide significant & ongoing opportunities for the development by Councils of other more localised Active Mobility Networks (bikeways & footpaths) as well as other initiatives contributing to more active & sustainable lifestylesThe Greenway will be a catalyst for many new initiatives over coming years & we hope to see renewed attention and commitment to its ongoing development & to Active Transport generally by all three of the Councils involved.