What is a ‘Greenway’?

What is a ‘Greenway’?  The DPTI Infrastructure website2 states:

“Greenways provide walking and cycling passageways for communities. They have dedicated shared pedestrian and cycle pathways, signalised pedestrian crossings across key arterial roads and connect with suitably treated suburban streets.”

Greenways enhance ‘connectivity’ by providing direct ‘arterial level’ but ‘low stress’ routes for bike users of all ages & abilities. Bike users will have opportunities to travel for longer distances on a city-wide scale as well as shorter distances between adjacent suburbs & local bike networks, without having to travel on main arterial roads or deal with the hazards associated with high speed traffic.

Key Features:  Key features of Greenways are ‘continuity’ and ‘connectivity’ – concepts that are central to good bicycle networks. Greenways need to:

  • be fast, direct, efficient & as straight as possible
  • avoid main roads & provide safe main road crossings where they cannot be avoided
  • be well lit & avoid bringing bicycle users, pedestrians & others into conflict
  • provide direct, easy & secure access to shops, services & local bicycle networks
  • reduce transport costs & improve transport-related health outcomes
  • integrate closely with public transport systems.

Under construction: Greenway slide show

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