PortBUG: OHG at the Port Waterfront – Update.

PortBUG has had a further conversation with PAE staff regarding the ‘temporary’ closure of the Outer Harbor Greenway along Jenkins Street on the Port’s waterfront. Key issues discussed were:

  • the schedule for improving the proposed ‘detour’ around the Fletcher’s Slip development
  • the possible widths of this ‘detour’ pathway (the developers had indicated a 2.5metres width)
  • potential improvements at both the Semaphore Road end and the ramps at the Jenkins St junction.
Details of the proposed OHG detour around the Fletcher’s Slip housing development.

Council acknowledged that the situation is far from ideal. Initial discussions with Cedar Woods late last week suggested that the alternative path would be constructed over the next fortnight along – we had presumed – the full length of Nelson St between Jenkins St & Semaphore Road. The construction fence erected around the development lot at the Nelson Street end (see above) is in fact well outside the actual site boundary, suggesting that there was plenty of room for such a full length 2.5m wide pathway. It now appears that this will not be possible! Our current understanding is:

  • the fence bordering the first 50 metres (starting from the southern Jenkins St end) is where it is – right next to the existing narrow footpath (see below) – because of ground ‘preloading’ or stabilisation works on the development site, which will need to continue for the next 6-7 months
  • pathway widening over this first 50 metres may occur but will be limited by the fencing & the ‘preloading’ works
Construction fence bordering the Nelson St ‘detour’ right next to the first 50 metres of the existing footpath.
  • the last 40-odd metres (further towards Semaphore Rd) is not restricted to the same extent, will be widened by Council to the full 2.5 metres & will include the gradual curve around the corner (to join the Semaphore Rd Bikeway) that PortBUG has recommended – see image at the top of this page!
  • there is not a lot that can be done at this stage about the very cramped landing behind the northern ramp at Jenkins St (see below) although PAE will ask the developers if the fencing can move back a little to allow more room behind the ramp.
Jenkins St & the very restricted landing & turning angle immediately behind the narrow ramp at the T-junction.
  • & finally, once the free-loading & soil preparation works are finished (towards the end of this year), PAE Council will revisit the ‘detour’, establish a final design (including a review of the ramps) & rebuild the pathway to the maximum width possible on a permanent basis.

Council indicated that the Greenway will eventually proceed through the new development along a waterfront route (ie; more or less where Jenkins Street is at present in the photo above), &hopefully with some consultation with PortBUG on its design!

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