PortBUG: Response to DIT’s draft SA Cycling Strategy!

Several weeks ago DIT at long last released a draft SA Cycling Strategy. SA’s last Cycling Strategy – ‘Safety in Numbers’ – ran its course over a decade ago in 2010. PortBUG & everyone of SA’s other bicycle organisations has been demanding its replacement every year since!

PortBUG of course strongly supports the provision of a new SA Cycling Strategy. Unfortunately we have found this draft Cycling Strategy sorely wanting! It lacks any attempt to map out a projected or optimal cycling network, connections to key destinations across our city & how users might travel across the network!

We have now provided DIT with several pages of commentary & recommendations on this draft Cycling Strategy. You can have a look at our response here.

You can also read a comprehensive response from the UnleyBUG here.

Today (31st March) is the final day you can respond to this draft Strategy. If you would like to quickly provide a specific comment please do so on the Have Your Say form here. You can also download & read the draft Cycling Strategy here.

If you are pushed for time you may simply want to email the cycling folk at DIT & express your support for the recommendations made by your (& the Unley) BUG! Email them at this addess: dit.CommunityRelations@sa.gov.au

You can read a summary of the recommendations made in our response below:

Recommendation 1: That the draft Cycling Strategy provide a map illustrating a ‘projected cycling network’ for Adelaide identifying: 

  • a suitable ‘grid’ network 
  • key destinations 
  • connectivity across the Metro Area. 

Recommendation 2: That the draft Cycling Strategy clearly illustrate the key destinations that its Principal Bicycle Routes travel to with the cross-city ‘connectivity’ provided. 

Recommendation 3: We recommend that a comprehensive, physicallyseparated bicycle network be considered as a minimum outcome in this SA Cycling Strategy to ensure Adelaide’s network meets both world’s best practice & the needs of its residents! 

Recommendation 4: Nominations for new Greenways, effective bicycle ‘connections’ & new priority projects for consideration over the next decade, as well as a map illustrating a notionally complete Metro Cycling Network should be included in this new Strategy. 

Recommendation 5: We consider it essential that the key role of State Government in the design & investment in Adelaide’s Principal Bicycle Network be acknowledged by this Strategy. 

Finally, here’s an illustration of the beautiful, connected PLUSnet bike network in Copenhagen – we hope it inspires your day!

PLUSnet in Copenhagen. Think about how this approach could apply to Adelaide…
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1 Response to PortBUG: Response to DIT’s draft SA Cycling Strategy!

  1. Brian says:

    Yes, v much agree Sam
    Have also recommended considering e-scooter etc users


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