PortBUG News: ‘Have Your Say’ Consultations for new Bike Parking & Road Crossing Refuges.

Hi Folks, PortBUG has been quiet for a couple of months… but we haven’t gone away! We’ve been weathering the COVID storm & awaited Council’s ratification & implementation of the new Walking & Cycling Plan. So check out the important news & consultation opportunity below…

  1. New Walking & Cycling Plan:

Council has now adopted the new 5-year Walking & Cycling Plan & has also made a significant commitment towards annual minimum funding for the Plan for the next 5 years with the following focus areas:

  • Improve walking and cycling infrastructure
  • Promote and encourage walking and cycling
  • Provide information, invest in data and monitoring.

First Steps – 2022-23: As a first step, for the 2022-23 financial year the Council has obtained funding for cycling projects in the following 3 areas:

Port Adelaide CBD Cycling & Walking Networks: Aims to define cycling routes throughout the Port Centre, ‘. This initiative ‘leveraging’ off the ‘Outer Harbour Greenway’ as a major cycling corridor & providing alternatives for cyclists to better link them to services and destinations within the Port.

City Wide Secondary Bike Paths: This project will promote ‘neighbourhood cycling routes’ for the community & increase awareness for motorists to ‘share the road’ on these neighbourhood connections. It will formalise neighbourhood connections with appropriate signage & line marking along with other supporting infrastructure improvements, such as path linkages and kerb ramps.

City Wide Cycle Parking Facilities: Will provide end-of-trip facilities – cycle parking – at key locations & community buildings across the City.

You can read the new Walking & Cycling Plan here.

2. Have Your Say – Bike Parking & Refuge Needs:

Council is conducting an on-line ‘Have Your Say’ Consultation to identify locations for new, additional & improved Bike Parking & Cycling Refuges – additional bike parking ‘hoops’ & bike refuges at road crossings. Where do you think new bike parks & crossing refuges should be located & how can existing infrastructure be improved, relocated or better maintained? Please let Council know what you think! The Have Your Say form & page are here

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