Port Adelaide/Enfield Bicycle Network Plan 2014/15.


Proposed PA/Enfield Bike Network (more detailed map below)

In December 2014, the Port Adelaide/Enfield Council endorsed their new Local Area Bicycle Plan, 2015-2020

To assist the Council to get off with a good start in implementing the Plan, the PortBUG has made a number of recommendations for Priority Projects for 2016.

Hi-Resolution Maps:  Picture’s are worth a thousand words! We have obtained hi-resolution pdf copies of the Bike Plan’s main maps, ‘expandable’ down to street level – see below. You can open online or click the ‘download’ button to copy to your computer as a pdf. Use ‘Command’+/- to enlarge or reduce. ‘Grab and move’ works to scan across the map as do the arrow buttons. On a tablet or phone fingers work fine too!

Proposed City-Wide PA/E Bike NetworkPAE-City-Wide-Bike-Network



Port Adelaide CBD NetworkPAE-CBD-Network



Gillman East-West ConnectorGillman-East-West-Connector



East-West Connector (Gillman/Ottoway Greenway)East-West-Connector-Ottoway



Gawler Greenway (PA/E sections)Gawler-Greenway



Key Initiatives in the Proposed Network:  There are some very significant additions & changes proposed in the new Network. Some are ‘large scale’ projects & immediately obvious, others less so but still very significant. More detail here.

More Information?  The Port Adelaide/Enfield Council has designated Engineer Shaun De Waal as as the primary contact person for Bike Plan-related queries. Shaun advises that he is best contacted via the PA/E Council’s Customer Service email address. Any emails to this address are recorded and tracked in the Council’s corporate communications system and will be tasked appropriately. Please address cycling-related emails ‘Attention: Shaun de Waal’.


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