Going live…

November 4th, 2012.

Hi bike riders and other self-powered folk,

Today this web site is going live! That is, everyone will be able to see, read and comment on it. The idea is to provide a simple and straightforward meeting and sharing space for those interested in community action for a better environment for bicycle use and Active Transport generally in the North West suburbs of Adelaide – what we at the Port BUG sometimes refer to as ‘Port Adelaide & Environs’. We’re talking about active transport conditions from about Rosewater and West Lakes through to Outer Harbour, North Haven and Taperoo on the Le Fevre Peninsula. For those unfamiliar with the area I’ll try to put up a map at some stage.

Perhaps because the area is a bit of a ‘labor heartland’, residents have said that they sometimes feel a bit taken for granted by all sides of Government – investment in cycling infrastructure and related provisions down this way certainly feels a bit sparse! The NW – while having enormous natural amenity (beaches, harbour, Port River etc) – is also a major centre for much of Adelaide’s industrial and freight activity. From an Active Transport p.o.v there are many problems with sharing roads on a daily (and sometimes 24 hour) basis with commuter traffic and heavy freight vehicles.

This web site has been inspired by 2 decades of ongoing effort by the Port Adelaide Bicycle User Group (hereafter the ‘PortBUG’) to improve this situation. Like all bicycle user groups (and there are many of them around Australia), PortBUG members may occasionally get a bit wild-eyed and woolly, and individual members are certainly motivated by a wide variety of concerns and interests. However we have in common an understanding of the importance of bicycle use and active transport to our community, particularly with regard to resilience, equity and sustainable living. We are all pretty serious about wanting a better deal for those who do not have the means or choose not to be complete devotees of the motor car!

And it’s working! Over recent years the PortBUG  has proved a powerful force in persuading both local and state governments to get their acts together to improve things for cycling and walking in our neighborhoods. This site will serve to record some of our achievements as well as identify what still needs to be done to achieve our goal of making this North Western corner of Adelaide a mecca for everyday bicycle use.

If you want to lend a hand, the first thing to do is to get out and use your bike (or trike or whatever gets you rolling)! Seeing someone using their bike instead of a car has a powerful influence on others.

The second thing you can do is to just check-in here from time to time and maybe post something to tell us what is bothering you about using your bike in Adelaide’s NW.  Attach a photograph if you like to illustrate what’s on your mind. The PortBUG will note any concerns and if we can, we’ll take them up with the powers that be!

If you want to you can even join us! At present becoming a member of PortBUG just means getting you name and email address onto our mailing list – just go to: http://sa.apana.org.au/mailman/listinfo/portadbug and fill in the form!

At the moment we meet 7.30pm, first Thursday of the month, upstairs at the Argo Restaurant in Port Adelaide. You don’t have to attend meetings to be ‘in the BUG’, but we’d love to meet you – the ‘more the merrier, strength in numbers etc! Remember to check the front page for dates, times & locations of BUG meetings, picnics, group rides and other events.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Sam Powrie,

Secretary, PortBUG.


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