Adelaide railway stations to get swipe-card access bike parking cages.


A bike parking cage installed by Western Australia's state government at all new rail stations. Is this what Adelaide's new enclosures will look like?

A bike parking cage installed by Western Australia’s state government at all new rail stations. Is this what Adelaide’s new enclosures will look like?

“New secure multi-user bike cages are being introduced to Adelaide public transport hubs replacing the outdated system of individual keyed bike lockers and just in time for the winter, the minister for Transport Services announced yesterday.
As a part of the introduction of the new new Metrocard ticketing system, Adelaide cyclists who want to use their bikes for part of their trip will be able to use new secure bike cages at railway, and soon O-Bhan, stations to park their bikes without fear of them not being there when they return.

Access to the cages are linked to the new Metrocard and are initially being installed at the Gawler, Munno Para and Elizabeth stations before extending the rollout to O-Bahn interchanges that are seeing a $17 million carpark and amenity upgrade.

The Minister for Transport Services Chloë Fox said the bike cages aim to encourage people to cycle to their nearest train station, secure their bike and then use public transport for the next part of their trip. This would help the overcrowding of the station carparks and give cyclists who want to commute but their destination is a bit too far, peace of mind that their bike is safe.

“This Government supports an integrated public transport system that provides a range of options to commuters,” Minister Fox says. “One of those options is riding a bicycle to a nearby station, and having somewhere secure to lock it, provides commuters with an incentive to cycle and ride.”

Each secure cage has a storage capacity of about 16 bikes and is accessible by swiping a new Metrocard that has a encoded signature as the key to open the cages. There is a $10 annual fee for cage use.

The minister says that the cages will also be available at Hallett Cove Beach, Seaford and Seaford Meadows stations later in the year. The Seaford line will also get them later when budget is available for them to be built.”

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