Have your say on arterial road cycling projects

DPTI is seeking feedback to prioritise cycling infrastructure projects for further investigation and possible inclusion in the 2013-14 Arterial Road Bicycle Facilities Program. The program provides $450,000 each year to provide bicycle facilities on arterial roads.

Not all potential projects will fit within the program budget, but your feedback will help identify priorities. Please indicate your preference for any of the potential projects listed below, share any concerns, or suggest additional improvements. Feedback will be considered along with cost, feasibilty, and physical constraints in selecting projects for further investigation. Any requests for improvements that are not on the list but meet the criteria listed above will be considered.

Potential projects were identified based on the number of reported bicycle crashes or crash risk factors including cyclist volumes, motor vehicle volumes and posted speed. Strategic value, requests and locations where there are opportunities for improvements (recent development projects or road works for example) were also considered….

See list of proposed projects at: http://dpti.sa.gov.au/cycling/arterial_road_cycling_projects

Projects on the list with a crash history are eligible for State Black Spot Cycling funding. Within the amount of funding available from these two programs, we anticipate being able to complete 8-12 of the potential projects listed. Projects selected will be completed by the end of June 2014.

For more information on DPTI programs that improve the cycling network on local streets and off-road paths see the Greenway and Cycle Paths program and state grants available to councils.

Key dates:

May 18, 2013 – Comment period ends for the Arterial Road Cycling Facilities Program

End of June 2013 – Department finalises 2013-14 Arterial Road Cycling Facilities Program list

TBA – Approval of 2013-14 State Black Spot Cycling Program by the Minister for Transport

End of June 2014 – 2013-14 projects completed

For information about Arterial Road Bicycle Facilities Program, please contact:


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