New PedBikeTrans Newletter now available.

The new PedBikeTrans Newletter is now available. You can download the pdf from here:

There’s some great reading on State, National and International topics(the pdf has lots of links). Here’re some examples:

South Australia:

  • 2.7 wide car lanes in Pirie Street to accommodate bike lanes
  • First zebra crossing on a government road in South Australia
  • Advance storage areas to be allowed without bike lanes
  • Sharrows being trialled
  • Salisbury providing bike loans for residents
  • Bike Art Adelaide 2014
  • Velo-city Global 2014 international cycling conference (27-30 May)


  • Victoria adopts 250 watt standard for e-bikes
  • Melbourne City Council bike infrastructure
  • Sydney/Marrickville’s bike library
  • Liverpool Hospital’s green travel plan
  • Community volunteers build bike paths in Eurobodalla…


  • Tom Vanderbilt series of articles on walking
  • UK toolkit for integrating cycling and rail travel
  • Manual for pedestrian safety
  • Danish advice on bicycle-friendly roads to school
  • Economics of walkable places
  • Health benefits of a workplace travel plan
  • The rights of cyclists and pedestrians to use roadways
  • New edition of the Danish Cycle Concepts
  • The Potential of Delivering Goods By Bike


  • Cool technology and art: solar powered e-bikes and more.

PedBikeTrans is put together on a semi-regular basis by the good folks at HUB Traffic & Transport. It’s aimed at both community advocates and professional planners. It’s a great way to ‘keep up’ and is worth reading!

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