PortBUG Blog, July 14th 2013.

1. PortBUG Completes Another Successful Recon Ride: Congratulations to

PortBUG members meet up with PA/E's Kerrie McConnell for an Outer Harbour Greenway Recon Ride (Kerrie in red).

PortBUG members meet up with PA/E’s Kerrie McConnell for an Outer Harbour Greenway Recon Ride (Kerrie in red).

BUG members who got out of bed early this Sunday morning to participate in a reconnaissance ride with Kerrie McConnell, Team Leader Transport, Port Adelaide/Enf. Council. And thanks to Kerrie for giving up some of her valuable family time and coming out on the weekend for what was essentially (for her) ‘work business’. Not only has she been declared a full fledged ‘BUG Member’ (mail list optional), she deserves PAE ‘Employee of the Month’ for so assiduously following up consultation with the community!


Kerrie & BUG members confer.

Kerrie & BUG members confer.

The BUG felt it important to do this ride with Kerrie as she will have oversight of much of the work that will be required to connect the main ‘railway terraces’ section of the Outer Harbour Greenway to the Port CBD and beyond. The route in question starts at the Greenway ‘exit’ from Belmore Terrace at Fussell Place, Alberton and winds through Alberton and Rosewater on local roads to join up with the Gilman Railway Yard paths at the Redhill Bridge, and thence to the Waterfront Harbour Loop Path via Lipson St. There are many infrastructure and traffic management issues to be addressed along the way, especially if the new Greenway is to cater for casual bicycle users, families, the less able and for tourists and others unfamiliar with the route.


Coffee & cake!

Coffee & cake!

Thanks also to Leslie for organising the ride (and for the great cake) and to Bruce for the extra coffee!

The BUG will shortly create a dedicated Outer Harbour Greenway page at our web site and upload some of today’s photos and conversation there – see: http://portadbug.org

The BUG also briefly discussed with Kerrie some of the issues we have encountered regarding Semaphore Road, particularly:

  • the need for some more comprehensive road treatments, signage, refuge (or rest-rail) facilities at the side road crossings
  • issues associated with recent works at the Semaphore and Military Road junction
  • a need to develop some online advisory materials to better explain to the public how the off-road paths might best be used.

The BUG looks forward to further liaison with Kerrie as work on this key section of the Outer Harbour Greenway proceeds.

2. Mid-winter edition of the Bicycle Institute’s Pedal Update:

 The July edition of Pedal Update is available to read, download and share at. In this edition an report on the presentation given at the AGM in May from The Office of Cycling and Walking on the work they are doing on Adelaide’s Greenways and Cycling Network, a tale of travel by bike into Oman, ‘bike boxes’ and safer cycling in the city, new committee members and upcoming cycling events (including BISA’s first quiz night in September).

 You can read Pedal Update online at issuu or download it as a PDF here: http://issuu.com/gusrn/docs/pedal_update_june_2013?e=1156682/3746522

3. The dream of the car is over:
 Jason Thompson from Monash University wrote an interesting article for The Conversation last week. It’s worth a read! From Adelaide’s InDaily News: http://indaily.com.au/opinion/2013/07/08/the-dream-of-the-car-is-over

4. Ross Evans leaves a note! Ross Evans, inventor of the now world-famous Xtracycle has left a very nice comment at the Portadbug web site’s ‘Longbike’ page: https://portadbug.org/the-adelaide-longbike-an-earlier-cargo-bike-movement.  


Ian Grayson & friends, Adelaide Advertiser, December 1988.

Ian Grayson & friends, Adelaide Advertiser, December 1988.

This page documents a unique episode in Adelaide’s cultural history when a home-grown cargo-bike (and car-free) movement emerged in the late 1970s and the 1980s, revolving around the development of what may have been the world’s first ‘longtail’ bicycle – the Adelaide Longbike. Ross, now a major force in the re-emergence of ‘practical’ cycling in the USA, writes:

I love knowing this history! When I traveled through Australia in 2001, I brought one of the first bolt-on Longtail kits that we had made in Taiwan (unfortunately stolen in Byron). I wish that I had known about you guys then. I hope to come back early 2014. Maybe we can all meet up?
Also, you may have seen that Liz released two new videos. This “teaser”: http://lizcanning.com/Liz_Canning_Creative/LESS_CAR_MORE_GO_2013_Update_video.html and the link below that video is to the longer “Birth of an American Cargo Bike”. 
My hat is off to you all and Ian in particular for helping make his ideas known. As Liz tells in her story, I saw a 3 pager about the Ho Chi Minh bike while I was studying vehicle design at CESTA – the appropriate technology center in San Salvador. Later, I was deeply influenced by a Canadian named Randy Parent who was living and working in Managua, Nicaragua – who was designing and building longtail cargo bikes with 20″ wheels. The rest, as they say, is history.
 All the best,
 Ross Evans (Xtracycle’s Founding Father)”.


The Adelaide Longbike.

The Adelaide Longbike.

The videos that Ross mentions are a ‘teaser’ and trailer for a fantastic crowd-sourced, feature-length film that PortBUG and Bicycle Institute members have contributed to with help from local videographer Marty McNicol. The latest versions feature the Adelaide Longbike and acknowledge the world-wide movement’s origins in Adelaide! The PortBUG congratulates our member Bruce Steer and his pal, Ian Grayson on at long last getting some of the recognition they so rightly deserve!

5. Adelaide Hosts International Track Series: Adelaide’s velodrome at Gepps Cross will host the five-day International Track Series next week, showcasing the world-class venue as athletes from the South Australian Sports Institute (SASI) compete with riders from seven countries. Cycling Australia’s “It’s Adelaide” event, starting on 10 July, is a chance to see some of the best national and international track cyclists competing across events such omnium, sprint and keirin stand-alone events as well as scratch and points races for Under 19’s. It is also a chance to see the first-class facilities managed by the Office for Recreation and Sport. The event will see international riders from New Zealand, Belgium, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China and Japan as well as renowned riders Olympic gold medallist Anna Meares and current world team sprint champion Shane Perkins. 

To view events and times visit http://www.cycling.org.au/?ID=50332

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