PortBUG October Blog: Here Comes Summer!


Briony & Kids leave winter behind…long-biking on the Coast Park at Semaphore. Photo: Paul Koch.

Proposed Coast Park Route at Tennyson.

Proposed Coast Park Route at Tennyson.

1. Community Consultation, Coast Park at Tennyson: Please ensure this last essential link in Adelaide’s Coast Park is realised! This final section of Coast Park runs for 4.8km from Grange to Semaphore Park. The PortBUG has been actively involved in design discussions over the last few months with several other interest groups. It’s fair to say that opinions on the best design for this final section of the coastal bicycle and walking route remain quite divided, mainly over whether it should actually remain a ‘coastal path’! The City of Charles Sturt is now seeking community comment. Consultation is open to 7th November. An on-line survey and all other project information and consultation details available here.


Slide taken from this week’s PA/E Council Agenda – proposed new ‘regional’ & ‘metropolitan’ routes.

2. Port Bike Strategy Review Update: PortBUG has been involved in development of a renewed Council Bicycle Strategy and Network Plan. A draft of the new strategy and plan has now gone to Council. We expect that the document will be available for public consultation in towards the end of October. The PortBUG has requested that online feedback be available to ensure effective feedback from the community. We presume that notice will be available at the Council’s consultation page so stay tuned!

wheels_revised_small3. Bicycle Institute Quiz Night: The Bicycle Institute will be holding its 2014 Wheels of Fortune quiz night 
on Friday, October 24th. There will be surprises, prizes and items to buy in a silent auction.
 Put together a winning team of friends to compete at tables of up to eight. $15 per person, $10 concession. Tickets available here.

When: Friday October 24, 6.30 for 7 pm.  Where: Plympton Community Centre, 34 Long Street Plympton (home of the Adelaide Bicycle Workshop). BYO drinks and snacks.

This fund raising quiz night enables the Bicycle Institute to operate without paid membership from members. 

More at Facebook.


The Semaphore Palais & Coast Park pathway in the 1990s – in less congested & built-up times and….

4. Coast Park at Semaphore – Update: For over 12 months the PortBUG has been seeking resolution of the contentious ‘no riding’ constraint imposed on bicycle users on the Coast Park pathway adjacent to the Palais at Semaphore. We now understand that the PA/E Council is proposing a diversion path around the seaward side of the Palais event deck. The Council’s current Capital Works Construction Information mentions a ‘Palais connection… shared path around the beach pavilion’ and through the dunes. We understand that $61,600 has been allocated for the design of this new section of pathway. What community consultation has occurred (or will occur) remains unknown!


….after extensive & unchecked commercial development has ‘crowded’ the shared-use pathway – ‘no cycling on the cycle path’!

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