PortBUG November Blog Post #1.

Adelaide University student Joe Chapman, at the 'Landscapes in Transition' exhibition, Port Adelaide.

Adelaide University student Joe Chapman, at the ‘Landscapes in Transition’ exhibition, Port Adelaide.

DS6-2014-exhibition1. Landscapes in Transition:  The PortBUG congratulates Adelaide University’s School of Architecture on a successful exhibition of student work at the Black Diamond gallery, Port Adelaide The exhibition provided a visual summary of final year studies focussed on the Outer Harbour Greenway route between the City and Port Adelaide. The work provided a range of rich, varied and highly imaginative exploratory illustrations of possibilities for development facilitated by the new Greenway route and the possibilities it provides for enhanced active mobility in the communities it passes through. The PortBUG will be liaising with the School to see if aspects of the work can somehow be made publicly accessible on an ongoing basis.

2. Rosewater Rail Yard Bikeway Improvements:  DPTI are currently rebuilding sections of the Rosewater Bikeway between Lipson Street, Port Adelaide and Rosette Street, Rosewater. Work will include widening and resurfacing of the current pathway and installation of LED lighting, as well as reinstatement of the entrance/exit ramp at the Port Adelaide end, missing since September 2013 (when it was inadvertently ‘deleted’ by contractors resurfacing Lipson Street). Stay tuned for more news of this important section of the Outer Harbour Greenway.


Enhanced width of the mid-road refuge.

3.  Nelson Street Crossing Improved:  As recently mentioned, DPTI have undertaken major improvements at the Nelson Street pedestrian & bikeway crossing. This heavily used crossing put pedestrians, bicycle users & others at significant risk, especially on the weekend and at rush hour when both road and pathway traffic can be extremely busy. The mid-road refuge is now deep enough to house an adult bike and almost as wide as the ramps on each side. The PortBUG congratulates both DPTI and Port Renewal on their responsiveness to community concern on this issue!

The mid-road refuge is now almost the same width as the access ramps!

The mid-road refuge is now almost the same width as the access ramps!

DPTI's new Greenway access pathway at Station Place, Alberton.

DPTI’s new Greenway access pathway at Station Place, Alberton.

4.  New Pathway Access at Alberton Station:  DPTI is currently undertaking work on the Outer Harbour Greenway between Fussell Place, Alberton and Station Place adjacent to the Alberton Railway Station.

The existing pathway has been widened significantly with a new access pathway and ramp to Station Place and a fenced barrier between the path and the station platform. The pathway will also be lit by new and existing lighting. PortBUG expects the new surface will be installed shortly.



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