PortBUG Blog Post #8, May 2015.

PortBUG meets with Councillor Hogan and Council Officers, Kerry & Shaun.

PortBUG meets with Councillor Hogan and Council Officers, Kerry & Shaun.

1.  PortBUG Meets with Councillor & Council Staff: At it’s May 7th meeting, PortBUG met with PAE officers, Kerry McConnell (Team Leader, Transport) and Shaun Dewaal (Civil Engineer). Also present was Councillor Michelle Hogan (Semaphore Ward). Discussion focussed on finalisation of the newly drafted PAE Local Area Bike Plan and key aspects of its implementation over the next few years. The BUG has drafted some initial principles & ideas for the implementation which readers can find here.  We have also provided Council staff with initial recommendations for infrastructure development which can be read here. The PAE Bike Plan awaits staff prioritisation of its infrastructure recommendations and then ratification by Council. We will continue to develop our ideas for its implementation and post them on the web site. We welcome further suggestions.

PortBUG meets with Councillor Hogan.

PortBUG meets with Councillor Hogan.

2.  PortBUG Website Update:  We’ve just put up a new ‘business’ page here where you can read the minutes of our regular (and sometimes irregular) meetings. Our website’s front page is here. The site’s purpose is to provide the PAE community with a practical ‘users guide’ to day-to-day bicycle use across (and beyond) the council area and the ongoing development of the PAE Bike Network.


einstein-E3. Stobie Pole Artwork Project:  Part of the PAE Council’s OPAL programme, the Stobie Pole Art Project uses art in public places to promote local community parks and playgrounds. The Council is now seeking expressions of interest from artists to paint 24 panels for 12 stobie poles to promote the location of parks and to inspire the community to utilise their local parks and playgrounds.

It has been suggested to the PortBUG that these panels could also promote cycling and bicycle use, particularly in and around PAE’s great parklands & bike paths. Expressions of Interest due by 5pm on Monday 18 May 2015.  Contact Jane Marr, Arts & Cultural Development Officer, Ph: 8405 6848, Mob: 0416 271 566 & E: jane.marr@portenf.sa.gov.au

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