PortBUG: Some Thoughts & Actions for the New Year.

Look out for PortBUG’s T.D.U flag designs. Photo: B Day & K Micenko.

1. More Flags: In our last blog post we showed you 1 or 2 flag designs that PortBUG members came up with for the opening of the TDU in the Port on 16th January. In the compilation above you can see some more that we created. Below you can also see some more extremely creative designs that others came up with. The 200 or so flags that Kalyna and Bob are making will look awesome – they’ll line St Vincent Street on both sides as well as Nelson Street and the Birkenhead Bridge! We’ve seen a marquette that Bob and Kalyna have made and it’s going to look truly impressive!

2. TDU ‘Colour Wheel’ Exhibition: From the 13th to the 21st of January, The Port Community Arts Centre (Black Diamond Gallery, 66 Commercial Rd, Port Adelaide) will host the ‘Colour Wheel’ exhibition of cycling-related art works. The theme will be the ‘Peleton in the Port’. The exhibition will be opened by yours truly at 2pm, Saturday 13th January. Come along and check it out. Artists can submit their work up until the 6th January!

3. Free ‘Be Safe, Be Seen’ Presentation: I just wanted to again invite readers to come along to this free presentation on Cycling Safety – how to keep yourself safe when riding in on our roads and in and around traffic. Presented by BikeSA and MAC this presentation will be invaluable for those getting back into riding their bikes, for students riding to school, uni or other study in the New Year and maybe for young people riding to their first job! Come along and enjoy yourselves, learn something really valuable and (if you register before January 1st) receive a fantastic bag of road safety cycling goodies. All completely free! You can of course come along even if you don’t register by Jan 1st, but I need to hear from you by then if you want the cycling safety pack! Just email Sam at portadbug@gmail.com!

4. Step Away from the Car: Episode 2 of this popular Sunday afternoon series from Radio Adelaide is now available for listening on-line. This week’s episode – ‘Know Your Place’ – explores the value of knowing your neighbourhood’s ‘local stories’ and how they can ‘activate’ walking and cycling facilities. Rally exciting stuff and worth listening to! And episode 4 – coming up in a couple of weeks – will feature Jan Garrard from Deakin University. Jan has an excellent article in The Conversation today on emerging demand from young people for ‘walkable communities’ in Australia. It’s really worth reading!

Photo: B Day & K Micenko.

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