PortBUG: Port Dock Station, PA/E Bike Plan, 2018-19…

1. New Port Adelaide Bicycle Forum: After considerable late-night angst (your editor is not part of the ‘social media’ generation), we have an on-line forum for sharing ideas to make the Port Adelaide/Enfield Council Area a better place for bikes and for Active Transport generally. It’s early days but we very much hope that this forum will extend our reach, increase community participation in implementing the Port’s Bike Plan and generally serve to build a more bike-friendly community. You can read and join the Forum here. Let’s make it happen!

The new Port Dock Rail Station (pic courtesy of DPTI)

2. The New Port Dock Station: The PortBUG today met with the team building the new Port Dock Rail Station. We walked around the proposed site and were able to provide some useful information about key design & construction issues from Active Transport & community points of view.

The PortBUG’s Tony Bazeley (with the hat) talks ‘state of the art’ rail crossings with Project Staff Ben, Belinda & Valli.

Key outcomes we recommended to the team included:

  • ensure continuity of the Outer Harbour Greenway route where it crosses the rail lines
  • ensure the new crossing meets the needs of all users, in particular pedestrians and mobility device users from Rosewater and nearby suburbs (we indicated a preference for an over/underpass or an ‘automatic gate’ at-grade crossing).
  • ensure that residents of Rosewater, Ottoway & associated suburbs have easy access to the new Rail Station via the Greenway and other pathways improvements (perhaps on a new pathway along Barlow St to the East of the Railway Museum)
  • ensure Greenway access through the new station project during construction (scheduled to finish by mid 2019)
  • take whatever opportunities present themselves in the Project to improve Greenway access for all pathway users along Lipson Street and across St Vincent St.

Lipson Street – a Greenway Route, but not yet ‘bike friendly’!

We came away feeling encouraged by the Project Team’s obvious commitment to these and other outcomes. There will be many issues for Council in particular to deal with – the new station will raise many access, traffic management issues and community impact issues that will require careful planning and extensive engagement with Port businesses and local residents.  There will be further opportunities for input as the Project conducts extensive community consultation planned for the next few months.

3. PA/E Bike Plan & Budget 2018-19: The PortBUG has had several recent meetings with Council staff regarding the ongoing implementation of the PA/E Bike Plan & the budget planning required. Recent discussions focussed on several important projects that the Council wants to complete, both over what’s left of the current financial year (notably new off-road pathways on Causeway Rd), and over 2018-19.

Council officers will put in bids for a number of worthwhile projects for 2018-19 including improved off-road pathway access on the Greenway at the corner of Semaphore Road and Mead Street and opening up new rampways (on the service roads) to ensure improved bicycle access and connections to off-road pathways along Folland Ave, Northgate. This will create a more secure Active Transport route to complement that provided by the bike lanes already on Folland Ave. There are also quite a few ‘small scale’ and often quite complex projects that Council will examine to improve connectivity, particularly along the Gawler Greenway and the Levels Bikeway.

‘Smart’ bike counter on a Vancouver Greenway. Coming to The Port soon???

Council has also won a Federal ‘Smart Cities’ grant which it hopes will support use of new bike-counting and way-finding technologies to assist some of the more challenging mobility tasks in and around Port Adelaide (including improving Greenway access through the Port’s waterfront area).

STOP PRESS: Minister Stephen Mullighan opens a new Discovery Trail today on the Coast Park at Tennyson.

This is of course not the completely open ‘Coast Park through Tennyson & Grange’ that we’ve sought for so many years – but it’s progress!




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