PortBUG: New Hart Street Bikeway Redevelopment, April 2018.

Hart Street: Four traffic lanes looking east from the beachside end.

Commencement of the long-awaited joint PA/E Council/DPTI Hart Street Redevelopment Project has been announced. Hart Street is a major arterial road connecting the Port CBD & Inner Harbour with Semaphore’s beach and coastal suburbs, as well as the Coast Park bikeway. The project will provide many benefits for local residents and for the many young folk using adjacent sporting facilities, for students attending Le Fevre High School and for pedestrians and bicycle users travelling between the Port CBD and beachside suburbs. The redevelopment of Hart Street will be a bench-park for creation of walkable & bike-friendly environments on Adelaide’s arterial roads!

Summary:  By reducing the number of travel lanes to two, the project will achieve road safety improvements for all road users whilst simultaneously enhancing the street’s appeal and amenity. This will provide a balanced road environment for all road users and enhance the street environment, making it a safer and more pleasant setting for the community to enjoy. The proposed works include:

  • A streetscape upgrade
  • Removal of one travel lane in each direction
  • Reduction of the posted speed limit on Hart Street from 60k/h to 50k/h
  • Installation of protected bicycle lanes for the length of Hart Street whilst preserving existing parking conditions as much as possible.
  • Installation of kerb extensions at the intersection of Hart Street and Carlisle Street.
  • Installation of new pedestrian refuges to improve crossing safety.

Benefits include:

  • a direct link and a safer street for all road users
  • a walkable environment, with better access to community facilities
  • safe bike lanes to protect people riding bicycles
  • an enhanced look and feel for Hart Street, creating a healthy, friendly neighbourhood
  • removal of surplus traffic lanes and a balanced road environment
  • a reduction in the speed limit to 50 km/h.

Construction is scheduled to commence in mid-2018, with completion scheduled for the end of the year.

Project Information and Map here.  Detailed concept Plan here.

Project drop-in Information Sessions: Port Adelaide and Districts Hockey Club, John Hart Reserve, Semaphore (enter off Swan Terrace).

  • Monday 30 April 2018 between 2pm and 4pm
  • Tuesday 1 May 2018 between 10am and midday
  • Wednesday 2 May 2018 between 6pm and 8pm…

Email the Projectdpti.communityrelations@sa.gov.au    Feedback form here.

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