PortBUG: World Bike Day, June 3rd, 2018.

World Bike Day 2018 in Adelaide was marked by a jointly organised BISA/Bike SA Community Ride from Victoria Park to Elder Park on a beautiful Adelaide day! Several hundred bicyclists turned up to show support for bicycle use in our city.

There were lots of cargo and freight bikes!

Stephen with his home-made people-carrier.

People carriers and trikes…

…and a pirate or two!

Some bikes just for having fun…

The youngies were there…

There was some tweed…

…and lots of smiles…

…and Kieran with his new coffee bike as well!

Additional parties went to observe the CycloCross activities in the Parklands…

The new bike-bridge over the rail line at Park Terrace.

…and others ventured down to Bowden to check out the new bridges and underpass at the top-end of the nearly complete Outer Harbour Greenway.

It was wonderful and very encouraging to see that the spirit of community bicycle use is well and truly alive in Adelaide in 2018 – especially with so many young folk in attendance! See you there next year!


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