PortBUG: New Causeway Road Bikeways!

At long last work has started on the new Causeway Road Bikeways that will provide a safe off-road shared-use cycling route between Semaphore Road and Bower Road. The Bikeways are being constructed by Port Adelaide/Enfield Council as part of its 2017-18 Bike Plan implementation program. They’ve been on the PortBUG’s target agenda for many years and it’s great to at last see something happening!

‘Share the Road’ Causeway Road style! Taken in 2013 opposite the Ethelton RS, the area to the left of the kerb has now been widened to create sufficient space for the off-road bikeway.

Causeway Road is a ‘Designated B-Double Route’ with many heavy commercial vehicles using it every day. It has absolutely no on-road bike provisions and only recently acquired some short stretches of off-road pathway as part of the Harbor Loop development. The new pathways (see below) will join up with these facilities and ensure a off-road cycling route the full length of the road.

Causeway Road Bikeway – North

Causeway Road Bikeway – South.

The new Bikeway will make access to Le Fevre Primary and the Port Christian School, Glanville and Ethelton Rail Stations, the two pubs and many hundreds of nearby homes much safer! At the northern end the pathway will link to the Semaphore Road Bikeway, Harbour Loop and – eventually – to the proposed Port Expressway Greenway.

At its southern end it will link to the bike lanes on Bower Road and to the off-road pathways along Old Port Road and proceeding into West Lakes via the existing (but little known) dedicated light-controlled bicycle crossing at the Causeway/Bower Road junction. There will be a new ‘passive’ road crossing adjacent to the Glanville Hotel and the Jervois Bridge access ramps (giving access to the Harbor Loop Pathway).

While not perfect (nothing ever is), the PortBUG believes this new Causeway Road Bikeway will be a significant step forward for bicycle access and cycling safety in and around Semaphore and adjacent suburbs! Work is currently proceeding along the full length of the road and – at the rate it’s proceeding – it looks as though it may be finished towards the middle or end of August! Some more progress pics below…

Newly widened pathway base, Ethelton Rail Station looking south.

New ramp and pathway adjacent to the Glanville Rail Station.

Stay tuned!

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