PortBUG: Gawler Greenway Update – Great News!

Gawler Greenway: Islington to Mawson Lakes Nearly Complete!

A recent update notification from the Gawler Greenway Project advises us that works on the Islington to Mawson Lakes section of the Gawler Greenway are likely to be completed by mid-late October, 2019. It was anticipated that they’d be finished by July but works have been delayed by by inclement weather & by need for further site investigations. Previous PortBUG posts have sought to identify the proposed Greenway route between the City Parklands and the PREXY/NEXY/Salisbury Highway Junction (see below).

DPTI’s Islington-to-Mawson Lakes works link the Gawler Greenway with the Port River (or ‘Port Expressway’) & Northern Connector cycling & walking pathway routes – see map below.

The new PREXY & NEXY bikeways are of course still under construction and the PortBUG will do our best to ensure that they are realised in the best way possible. Resolution of a number of issues on both appear unresolved, particularly with regard to the design of underpasses (subject to flooding) and what appear to be some rather convoluted route treatments (on the Northern Expressway path). Works outlined in the maps above & below have included:

  • a cycling route between Regency Road, Wingfield & the Salisbury Highway, Dry Creek
  • underpass upgrades at Regency Road & Grand Junction Road to accommodate the Greenway
  • the construction of continuous sections of shared use pathway
  • installation of new lighting along the new continuous sections of shared use paths
  • installation of signage & line marking to accommodate cyclists on local roads
  • new wayfinding signage in sections along the Greenway to assist pedestrians & cyclists
  • a median refuge pedestrian crossing at Cormack Road.
Regency Rd GG pathway link

The Gawler Greenway route along Regency Road to Narweena Drv.


Gawler Greenway passing under Regency Road from the Islington Railyards.

Very encouraging – we congratulate DPTI & their contractors on this new addition to Adelaide’s Greenway Network.

PortBUG will be out exploring the new facilities as soon as we can! 

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