PortBUG: Consultation – Zebra Crossings Proposed for Semaphore Road.

Following a number of car/pedestrian collisions and incidents on Semaphore Road, Council is proposing that two ‘zebra’ crossings be installed between Military Road and the Esplanade (see attached plan & animation). The intention is to make the street more ‘walkable’ and encourage pedestrians to stay longer.

A pedestrian survey was undertaken mid last year to understand the pedestrian movement demand and where people were crossing. Council are now seeking your feedback re. support or otherwise for the proposed crossings.

Council are also seeking your feedback on whether you would like to see the removal of the wheelstops as there have been a number of ‘tripping’ incidents.

The Online Consultation closes on 11th September.

Consultation here.     Youtube Animation.

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1 Response to PortBUG: Consultation – Zebra Crossings Proposed for Semaphore Road.

  1. I grew up in Qld where Zebra crossings are common – on major and lesser roads. It represents a space where the car defers to pedestrians, but in a less formal / immediate response. No lights, greater respect. Good discipline for all – the streets are a common space we need to share, and to sometimes give priority to most vulnerable road users. We need to make wider use or Zebra Crossings and take advantages of opportunities to introduce a new convention for sharing our roads. My full response to the Council consult below –
    1. Zebra crossings are great way to favour pedestrians over cars without the costs and frustrations of lights. Will further calm the street.
    2. Haven’t noticed the differential angle of parking. May not be a problem, or lesser problem [ie going from 45 degree to 60 degree angles]
    3. Yes the car stops seem a clumsy ugly hazard. Could just paint a line to train drivers not to intrude on footpaths. Better solution is to plant suitable trees in front of the businesses with outdoor seating. Design to catch rain / stormwater from the road. Trees will benefit from stormwater & shade diners. And deter cars from encroaching on the footpaths. Trees on Southern side could be deciduous to make full use of winter sun, whils offering summer shade. Will help cut winds also.
    Lots of spots where extra trees can be considered – eg corner protuberances on corner with Military Rd and other intersections. Summer shade will foster pedestrian traffic.”


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