DIT Offers a Bike Project Planning Opportunity!

PortBUG understands that the Department for Infrastructure & Transport (DIT) has asked BISA to come up with a list of suggested bicycle infrastructure projects in a hurry for:

  • improving access to & use of the Torrens Linear Park Trail (the ‘Linear Path’) and…
  • improving bike commuting across ‘Inner & Middle Adelaide’ (from Salisbury to around Moana/Brighton).

PortBUG is seeking project suggestions and will forward them to BISA asap. BISA’s chairperson tells us that nominated projects will be prioritised by DIT and then “sit ready until funding becomes available at which time the process [for building] should be relatively quick. The focus is on infrastructure that will help reduce car reliance by encouraging people to switch to cycling.

Project Focus:

  • Projects along The Linear Park Trail: DIT are looking for local street connection upgrades, missing bridges, missing lighting, wayfinding suggestions etc. Arterial road crossings may be an important issue to highlight (eg; Ashbrook to River Torrens across Lower North East Rd) as well as missing lighting and other connections – such as the Port Council’s proposed shared-use path on Sudolz Rd between Grand Junction Road and the Torrens & Paradise Bus Interchange (a long-held ambition of the PA/E Bike Plan!)
  • Projects Across Inner and Middle Adelaide: Apparently this refers to new bicycle infrastructure possibilities between Salisbury and around Seaford.  DIT are looking for possible initiatives for remedying missing connections, arterial road-crossing issues, opportunities to improve sections of existing bike-direct routes etc.

A Short Time Line! The time-line for providing these suggestions is short – BISA need suggestions by COB this coming Wednesday 28/10/2020. If you have any project ideas or suggestions at all please post below or email our secretary, Sam asap. We’ll forward your suggestions to BISA and provide a collated summary here for the record!

We look forward to hearing from Port Adelaide/Enfield bicycle users!


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