PortBUG: State Government Bike Planning – Community Input…

Towards the end of October the Bicycle Institute (‘BISA’) was approached by the Dep’t for Infrastructure & Transport (DIT) who were seeking recommendations for projects and planning goals to improve cycling conditions:

  • along the Torrens Linear Park and
  • across the ‘inner-middle’ metro area.

At very short notice multiple BUG members across the city provided input which the Institute has collated and submitted to DIT. Here’s what Katie Gilfillan – the Institute’s Chairperson – has to say (Note: the highlights are ours);

“Hi, Firstly a big thank you to the great team that put forward ideas. Hopefully Fay and I have been able to capture all of these, as well as BISA priorities, in the attached spreadsheet and overview paper submitted to DIT. Fay and I spent days pulling ideas from everyone and our previous mapping exercises into a central document that hopefully conveys everyone’s priorities. Fay also collated an overview document to provide a strategic framework.

We could not have collated the volume of ideas with such detail without the significant time put in by Sam Powrie and members Taren, Kate and Nick who presented their ideas in an easy to read format (see attachments links in spreadsheet).

From here we plan to keep building on this list of ideas to use for election 2022. We will break them down by electorate and look to keep building a list of projects for future funding for each area across Greater Adelaide (LGA and State Gov).

Our ultimate aim is to pull these together onto a single map for easy viewing. Our hope has been that DIT would prioritise a state bicycle strategy and map a network however in the absence of this we will slowly do our best.

If you have a suggestion for the best mapping software to use please let me know.If your BUG area is underrepresented in the spreadsheet please feel free to forward your priorities and I can add these (preferably as an additional row in the spreadsheet to make it easier for me – feel free to add images etc in an attachment I can also include).

Thank you again to everyone for your great ideas and for your time. Together we are on our way to creating a grassroots army of bike advocates across Greater Adelaide. Together governments and communities can do great things.

Happy riding 🙂 Katie”

Links to the attachments & documents Katie refers to below. Katie can be contacted at: katie.gilfillan@bisa.asn.au

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2 Responses to PortBUG: State Government Bike Planning – Community Input…

  1. Luke Oswald says:


    With respect to mapping software, I guess it depends how much functionality you want, but a good, powerful one which is free and open source is called QGIS.

    Kind regards

    Luke Oakden 5086


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