Levels-City Bikeway

From PortBUG correspondent Luke to Zak Valiff, Traffic Engineer, PA/E Council, March 2017.

Dear Zak,

Levels-City BikewayThe other day I cycled from the city to Mawson Lakes for a university course. Where in the past I had taken Prospect Road, and then Grand Junction Road to Main North Road, on this occasion I decided to try the “Levels-City” bicycle route.

I found the path seriously wanting between Regency and Grand Junction Roads. There were too many intersections where I was forced to stop, or at least slow down to ensure there was no traffic coming from the right or left, which was an impediment of my journey.

These points were at:

From Ormond Avenue northwards to Grand Junction Road there are a few more roundabouts, but these are tolerable and much more preferable to Give Way or Stop sign situations where one has to give way to traffic in more than one direction.

Having to stop at so many intersections between Regency and Grand Junction Roads in Broadview and Clearview was a big disappointment and a disincentive to continue using this route with my bicycle. I imagine I wouldn’t be the only bicycle user to have those thoughts. The southern stretch of Kent Avenue was particularly frustrating with the regularity of the Give Way signs. I would rather contend with the traffic on Hampstead Road.

My suggestions for improvement of this section of the Bikeway are:

  • For Robert Avenue & Watson Avenue, this is effectively a T-Junction and it is understandable the need to stop as it is currently arranged … a solution for the bike way could be to install a roundabout at this junction.
  • For Robert Avenue & Collins Street I understand that Collins Street is a significant street between Main North and Hampstead Roads … however a roundabout could also be placed at this intersection to potentially allow a smoother path for bikes travelling along Robert Avenue, and to slow traffic travelling along Collins Street.
  • For Robert Avenue traffic to have right of way through the intersection with Corconda Street.
  • For Kent Avenue traffic to have right of way through the intersections with Windsor, Murray, Sarnia and Ayredale Avenues.

The Bikeway also effectively seems to end at the corner of South Terrace and Main North Road in Pooraka, with insufficient amenity for bicycles on the stretch of Main North Road between South Terrace and Montague Road. Not a bicycle path nor bike lanes painted on that stretch of road, which is quite busy and a 70km/h zone too. I know this is out of PAE council area and probably a DPTI matter as it is on a major road, but this is another issue for the Bikeway.

I also found on the DPTI website the proposal for the Level-City Bikeway at the area around Regency Road. Although consultation has closed my preference as a cyclist would be for Option 2 (ie; the traffic lights at the intersection of Regency Road and Galway Avenue).

Finally, will the Bikeway be renamed to Mawson Lakes bikeway as even I am struggling to remember that the area used to be called the Levels!

On a different area, but still related to bicycle access. When I travel to work I take the linear path. I have tried to access the path via Cookes Road, Windsor Gardens, which goes directly from North East Road to the River Torrens. However, there is a raised median where McLachlan Road crosses Cookes Road (Google Street View image), meaning I need to lift the bike onto the median and drop it down again on the other side.

Could a path for bicycles (as well as wheelchairs, prams etc) be cut across this median strip where McLachlan Road crosses Cookes Road, to allow for Cookes Road to be easily traversed?

Kind regards

Luke Oswald, Oakden SA 5086