Outer Harbour Greenway Update. October 2013.


The New Outer Harbour Greenway Through St Clair (Pic by Dave Case, PortBUG).

Things are moving fast! News from the Department for Planning, Transport & Infrastructure:

1.      Greenway Opening: Plans are afoot for a grand opening of the Outer Harbour Greenway later this year. PortBUG (and we presume the Port Adelaide cycling community) will be invited!


Greenway Path at St Clair (pic courtesy of DPTI).

2.      Signage:   Both on-road ‘sharrows’ and Greenway street signs are going in along the Charles Sturt sections of the Greenway.


New ‘sharrow’ on a ‘railway terrace’ section of the Greenway (pic by DPTI).

3.      A Mayoral Inspection:      Mayor Kirsten Alexander of the City of Charles Sturt and her family have been sighted cycling along and inspecting the Greenway route last Sunday morning!

4.      Red Hill Tunnel:       DPTI has met with officers from Port Adelaide/Enfield Council recently to discuss works around the currently rather dismal and dangerous Red Hill Bridge tunnel on the shared use pathway under Port Road. This tunnel connects the Rosewater sider of the Greenway to the Port Adelaide Railyard sections of the bikeway.  We understand that the major strategy to improve this tunnel will involve a realignment of the Eastern-side approach pathway adjacent to the tunnel entrance to make better use of available unused land, remove the current awkward turns and sight lines and improve safety. The multiple bollards at each end of the tunnel will be reduced to a single central post.

Image5.      Road Crossings:        Activation of the Greenway’s arterial road crossing traffic signals (David Terrace, Woodville Road, Cheltenham Parade) have been a little delayed but will be ready for the Gear Up Girl Greenway Ride on 24th November!

6.      Online Route Map:   The Outer Harbour Greenway map is currently being updated with more detail.

7.      Alberton Station:      The narrow and poorly lit access pathway to the Alberton Railway station between Fussell and Station Places will be redesigned, widened and improved. The pathway will provide important access from the station to the Greenway.

Image8.      Birkenhead Bridge to be Remodelled:        A new shared use path is proposed to connect the Greenway across the Port River via the Birkenhead Bridge. A new 4 metre wide shared path, separated from the roadway, will form an integral part of the ‘Hike & Bike’ Loop Pathway proposed by the Our Port revitalisation.

See: http://www.infrastructure.sa.gov.au/infrastructure_projects/greenways_project/greenways_project/outer_harbor_greenway

9.      Port Adelaide Harbour Loop Path:   This ‘circular’ Loop Pathway will be an integral part of the Greenway as it transits through Port Adelaide. Construction of the Loop Path is now underway with works expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Work on a section North of the river around Semaphore Road and alongside Shed 26 is nearing completion with lighting being installed and new bitumen. Next steps include linemarking, fencing and electricity supplies – all expected to be complete in the middle of October. The loop path will provide a 2.2km route around the Inner Harbour and access to the riverfront, incorporating interpretative signage, seating and shade.

See: http://www.ourport.com.au/Activation/LoopPath.aspx

Stay tuned for more exciting Greenway News from the all-seeing news-gathering resources of the PortBUG!

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