PortBUG Blog – October, 2013.

1.         SA Government Releases Draft Integrated Transport & Land Use Plan. JWPremier Weatherill yesterday released the draft Integrated Transport & Land Use Plan for public comment. The plan can be found at www.transportplan.sa.gov.au. Comments via the on-line survey, in writing or email to transportplan@sa.gov.au. A range of public events will be held during October and November and online. Submissions close Friday November 29, 2013.

 The BUG notes some key sections of the Plan related to bicycle use (emphasis is ours!):

Map‘Our Plan’, p54 – More cycling and walking:

We will invest in better facilities for walkers and cyclists at public transport stations, such as secure bike parking, lockers, bike sharing opportunities, signage and wayfinding…”

“Encouraging people to adopt cycling and walking for commuting and other transport purposes as distinct from purely recreational reasons is an important objective of our integrated transport planning.”

“…we will provide clear separation between cyclists/walkers and motor vehicles on arterial roads.”

“Driver education and awareness programs will be reviewed to promote shared responsibility for road safety and help develop a culture that is considerate of cyclists and walkers on our road network…

‘Solutions and Actions’, p96:        

Growing concerns about the environmental sustainability of our transport and land use systems and the health of South Australians mean that…walking and cycling will play an increasingly important role in producing more liveable, sustainable and productive urban places.”

“…road network improvements along key arterial corridors will be accompanied by the construction of new bikeways and walkways that are separated from the main road carriageway and well-connected with surrounding areas…

The PortBUG will put together a response to the plan on behalf of local communities and would welcome your comments below!

GW Detail

Detail of Bowden section.

2.         Outer Harbour Greenway Update:         Gemma Kernich, A/Manager of DPTI’s Walking & Cycling unit has pointed the PtBUG to newly updated and much more detailed maps (actually annotated arial photographs) of the Outer Harbour Greenway. These can be seen at: http://www.infrastructure.sa.gov.au/infrastructure_projects/greenways_project/greenways_project/outer_harbor_greenway

Other Greenway updates mentioned include:

  • new shared lane markings (“Sharrows”) on local roads within the City of Charles Sturt (still pending within Port Adelaide-Enfield Council)


    Greenway sharrows in CCS.

  • an interim route marked along local streets at Bowden (the Greenway will eventually follow a new local street between Chief St and Park Tce).
  • to assist with crossing South Road at Croydon, a bicycle/pedestrian actuated crossing (BPAC) will be installed to run with the railway crossing (to be eventually replaced by a bicycle/rail overpass).
  • at David Tce, Kilkenny a new BPAC is under design.
  • at Woodville Road a BPAC is currently being installed, to be completed by November 2013.
  • at Cheltenham Parade a new signalised crossing is being installed to connect the shared use path across Cheltenham Pde to Buller Tce (via a 100m section of off-road pathway).


    BPAC installation at Cheltenham Parade.

  • at Alberton railway station an existing path between Fussell Pl and Station Pl will be widened and improved. The path will connect the Greenway to the Alberton railway station.


    Birkenhead Bridge Plan.

  • a new shared-use path is proposed to connect the Greenway across the Port River on the Birkenhead Bridge
  • the Greenway route will cross Semaphore Rd via a BPAC at Meade St and continue towards North Haven on local streets.

The web site also notes that Greenway will follow a new shared use path from Woodville Rd to Cheltenham Pde, currently under construction in three segments:

  • the segment West of Actil Av was completed as part of the new housing development


    Greenway at St Clair.

  • the connection to the new St. Clair railway station and Coles supermarket is under construction
  • the second phase of the St Clair development will complete the path from Actil Av to the Woodville railway station (in the interim, the Greenway follows Glenys Nunn Dr for this section).

The PtBUG also understands that improvements to the bicycle & pedestrian tunnel under the Red Hill Bridge are also about to start, including improved access and safety features.

More details at: http://www.infrastructure.sa.gov.au/infrastructure_projects/greenways_project/greenways_project/outer_harbor_greenway  

3.         Super Sunday 2013:         The BicycleNetwork are again holding their Australia-wide Super Sunday recreational bike count on Sunday 10th of November. The BN will donate $120 to participant’s chosen non-profit organisation! More details here:  https://www.bicyclenetwork.com.au/general/bike-futures/95142

Sam Powrie, Secretary, PtBUG.

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